The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


28. 28


Ali's POV

I knocked on the door and Assley opened.

"Oh, I it's you." She said and Cameron came from next to me

"Be mean to her one more time" Cameron dared and she laughed

"Hey babe, what's up with you" she asked

"A-" Cameron started but I stopped him

"I got it"

Luke, Cameron, Peeta, and Tyson all lined up behind me.

"You've been dating all of these guys, at the same time. You piece of shit" I said and got more mad

"Proof?" She asked and I handed her the note.

"Doesn't prove anything" she said a shrugged

"Aha? Well here's more. Cameron were you having ya know with Ashley in the past week?" I asked

"Yea, she is also my girlfriend"


"Yes! She is also My Girlfriend!" Luke said

"Tyson ?" I asked

"Same, as al of them" he said


"Nothing different" he said and I crossed my arms.

"Hm?" I asked and laughed

"I have god damn proof. Don't try and hide it, Assley" I said and got more angry.

"Well, what can I say? They all are freakin hot" she said and that was it

"IM SO DONE WITH YOUR SHIT" I screamed and charged at her. I punched and slapped her

"Ali!" Peeta and Cameron yelled. They tried to pull me off and Tyson tried and got Ashley to stop hitting me

"Holy shit" Tyson said pulling Ashley away from me.

Like couldn't do anything but yell cause of his hand.

"What the hell is going on?" Louis said walking downstairs. He had no shirt and shorts.

Cameron held me back from attacking ASSley and Peeta held me back also. Luke stood infront of me

"Luke? Cam? Peeta? Tyson?" Louis asked looking at us

"Ali are you OK?" Louis said wiping the tears and blood from my face.

"Stop!" I said and Luke slapped Louis' hand off

"Stay away from her" he said and looked at him serious

"ASSley has been sleeping, kissing and dating all of you!" I said angry. They were still holding me back, and Tyson held ASSley back also.

"What?" Louis asked looking at Ashley

"Ugh FINEE. I was" Ashely said

"Get out" Louis said

"Huh?" She asked clueless

"Our. We're done" Louis said and Tyson brought he outside

"Cam!" She shrieked

"Forget it. We're done too." He said

"UGHHHHH" Ashely whined. Cameron loosens his grip on my waist.

"Ty?" She asked Tyson

"You wish. We are SOOO done" he said

"Ugh forget you. I know Peeta is still here for me" she said and Peeta laughed

"Aha, sure." He said sarcastically "don't bother showing up on Friday . Cause I know I won't" he said and Ashley screamed pretty loud.

"Wow ASSley, lost 5 in JUST ONE DAY. Is that a record?" I asked and laughed

She stormed off

Cameron slowly let go of me and smiled down at me

"Thanks for telling me ..." He said and bent down and kissed my cheek.

"Anytime. You guys shouldn't of ever been with her. She's horrible" I said and he nodded fast.

"Bye Al" he said and I hugged him

"Bye cam"

"Thanks Ali" Peeta said walking to me.

"Haha, it's good. Thanks for believing me" I said and he nodded

"Yup.. Ok.. Bye" he said and kissed my cheek. The bugged me

"Bye Peeta"

"Ali?" Tyson asked and I hugged him

"Anytime, idiot" I said and laughed

"Bye.. See you soon?" He asked and I nodded

"So, I gotta go back to the hospital... See you at home?" Luke asked and I nodded. I hugged him tightly before pulling away. He then walked out and left

"A-" Louis said and I frowned at him

"Don't think I forgot Tomlinson. You're just as bad as I thought you were" I said and he frowned

"Ali I'm sorry!" He said and I shook my head.

I was about to leave, when he twirled me around. And placed his lips on mine.

He kissed me and I couldn't help but kiss back. I am REALLY mad at Lou... But idk, he did break up with her though. He kissed me a bit more before pulling away

"Ali. Please. I don't know how I can go a day without that kiss" he said and I shook my head

"Not like that. You've gotta prove it" I said and he kissed me again.

What the heck is wrong with this guy.

"Bye" I said and walked out.

A/N- OMF like seriously Lou is like, don't even. WHY AM I MAKING HIM KISS HER SO MUCH ? IDEK.. Well, I love you guys :) *next update is Saturday*

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