The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


27. 27

Ali's POV

I screamed and started crying,

"NO Ali! No wait!" Louis yelled and I ran out of his house.

"Tyson, that little" I said to myself and ran to where he told me he lived.

I was still crying.

I pounded on his door and he opened

"Hey a-"

"You little piece of SHIT. How the hell could you?" I screamed and slapped him.

"Ali what the-" I shoved the note to his chest. He read it and looked at me

"What the hell she was with All Of us... That's sick" he said and shook his head

"You're coming with me" i said and he nodded licking his apartment and coming out with me.

Tyson ✔️

Now I had

•Peeta •Cameron •Luke

We ran to Peeta's house and knocked on the door calmly. He isn't exactly my best best friend so I didn't care if he was with Ashely, but he should see what she's been doing.

"Hey. What's up?" He asked. He was popular, but wasn't AS mean.

"Look for yourself" I said and handed him the note.

His face made a mad face and he looked at me.

"What the hell" he said and I nodded

"She's been cheating on all of you... Come with me" I said and he nodded waking inside and getting his shoes on, and locking his house.

"Cam's house" I said and we ran there.

(They all live close by)

Cameron was on the football team. He was popular but was one of the nicest ones.. Just didn't defend me. Why? Ashely.

I knocked on his door, Tyson and Peeta behind me.

"Hey al, what's up?" He asked

"Your "girlfriend", that's what's up" I said and made the quote signs with girlfriend


I handed him the note.

"What the hell. So she's been with all of these boys at the same time?" He asked and I nodded and he handed me the note

"Come with me" I said and he slipped his shoes on, locking the front door.

We went to Lukes hospital and they waited outside

"Luke, I need you to come with me for like 10 minutes... I asked the nurse she said yes but you have to be back soon" I said and he nodded

I handed him the note while we walked out and gestured the other guys to Come also.

"What the" Luke said and handed me back the note.

"Ya, come with me. I'm gonna show this slut" I said and we walked out of the hospital. Literally all of the boys who were with me, their faces were red. They all had on black skinny jeans and PEETA, and Cam had varsity jackets. So did Luke and Tyson but from different schools.

They all walked with me back to Louis' house.

knocked on the door

A/N- damn. Omg so ya know my story the Lifeguard with Niall? And this one? The football player? I should make one with Harry and Liam, and THEN make a SEQUEL to ALL of these books, AS ONE BOOK! Like id make a sequel to this one and lifeguard and the other boys' and so it'd be like when they all meet and Ali is there!? And the girl from each story is in the sequel?! So it's one sequel for ALL 4 books?! AHH it'd be so coooool! I just gotta edit the LST chapters and take out Niall and Haz from them! YAYY... Ok :) thanks!!! COMMENT IF U THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA!!!

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