The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


26. 26

Ali's POV

I walked out to my car and grabbed a penguin stuffed animal and a bag of Hershey kisses. Then started walking back.

"May , calm down Its gonna be OK!" I heard a boy say to another girl next to him. Her arm was like swelling and her hand was a bit red? The doctors rushed her away and the boy sat at a chair with his eyes red and head in his hands. He had blue eyes, and brunette hair. He was wearing a t shirt and sunglasses were in his hand. He had skinny jeans and white high top Sneakers.

"You ok?" I asked him sitting next to him

"I-I'm fine thanks" he said and I looked at him

"You're not. Don't tell me if you don't want to, but here's a Hershey kiss. Chocolate makes everyone feel better" I said and held out a few.

"Thanks... My cousin .. She got hurt badly. So I took her to this hospital. Her name is May. " he said and I looked at him sad.

"Aw. I'm sorry. I promise you, she will be fine. If she isn't, I'll buy you ice cream. But you aren't getting ice cream cause she's gonna be fine" I said and he smiled at me

"You're funny " he laughed and I laughed too.

"I'm Alaina. Call me Ali, that's what everyone I know calls me" I aid and he still out his hand

"I'm Niall. Niall Horan " he said and I smiled

"Well, I have to go. Wait do you want my number? So if your cousin isn't ok, you can text me to get you some ice cream?" I asked and he laughed then nodded


I gave him my number and waved

"Byee, I'll see you later" I said and walked back to Lukes room

"That took you forever" Calum said when I walked in

"Sorry, it's a long story." I said and they nodded

"Here lucas" I said and threw the penguin at him

"AWW" he said and I laughed

"Oh, and here" I said and plopped the bag of chocolate on his lap

"Thanks Ali" he kissed my cheek.


We talked about nothing for a while before I got tired

"I'm gonna go back now, bye Luke. Text me if you need anything. Even at like 3:30 AM, cause I'll wake up and come" I said and he smiled

"You're amazing. Bye" he said and hugged me.

I hugged them all and drove back

6:15 pm

I walked to the car and drove back to my house.

"Ali honey" Liz said hugging me

"I'm sorry" I said and she shook her head

"It's my fault. O got so caught up with that girl. She's not even as amazing as you. Alice hated her, so did Taylor, and the boys" she laughed

"Well, I hate her too. great people feel alike" I laughed and kissed her cheek

"I'm back though. And I'm Not leaving" I said and she smiled. I went up to my room and opened my Mac

There was a note stuck to the screen

Hey loser, Yea, I came in your room. You have - whoops- I mean HAD very expensive designer handbags, I may have taken a few... Thanks Hun, Luke is pretty hot don't ya think? Well, ya know, he's mine, so is Lou... Plus Cameron, and Peeta... Ooh and one more person Tyson... Hope ya don't mind :). And I dare you to tell anyone i hooked up with. Not one, but ALL of the boys listed above ;)... Maybe even hooking up with one.. Pretty special to you, right at this moment. Hope ya don't mind... Again.... Oh and Ali, it's Ashley NOT ASSley. Your one and only princess- Ashley®

I hated that ® she put at the end of her name on EVERYTHING

What the hell just happened. U grabbed the note and ran downstairs.

"I'll be back in a sec Liz, " I said and she waved

I ran to Louis' yard to see if he was on his porch. Nope. I slowly opened the door and heard someone, not Louis

I followed the noise and heard more groans. No.

I knocked on Louis' door and opened it.




Don't even-----

A/N- Lou WHYY I THOUGHT YA LOVED MEEE ;( .... Who else is like crying at this point IDK WHY I MADE ALIS LIFE SO DAMN HARD FOR NO REASON!! Well, next chapter is on Friday :) Byee, gonna sleep now :/

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