The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


25. 25

Ali's POV

"So, tomorrow is Monday" I said and he nodded. We both sat on his balcony.

"Yup. Means I get to see you the moment the clock reaches 8 'OCLOCK " he said and I laughed

"It's funny how you used to hate me Lou, and now you can't spend a second of the day without me" I said and he looked away.

"I'm sorry" he said quietly

"You only had to say that to me once, and you did.. Don't say it again, ok?" I said and got up

"Sure, where are you going?" He asked

"To see Luke. I honestly am pretty upset about what he did, but I still love him. So I'll be back, ok? And don't text me saying you miss me, TOO MUCH" I added and he smiled

"Ok, bye"

*at hospital*

I walked to Lukes room and was about to knock before I heard Luke

"Ok, Ashely, I'm done with you. I don't give a crap about what you think about Ali. I love her more than I'll EVER love you. So we are done" he said and I heard her screech and open the door. I moved behind the flower vase on the table outside the door. So she didn't see me.

I knocked and he said come in.

"Hey" I said sitting on the hospital bed.


"When are you out of the hospital ?" I asked

"Well, they've gotta take some tests of the bite, they have this temporary bandage on. So, Ali, I have no idea." He said and I nodded

Then the door opened

"LUKE BRO ARE YOU OK?" Ashton and Calum came in bombarding him with questions, but they stopped when they saw me.

"Ali.." Ashton said running to me and hugging me. Whoa. He hugged me tightly and CALUM pushed him off, and he hugged me tighter. Last, Michael walked through the door

"Hey bro, Ali won't answer my texts I miss her too m-" Michael said and looked up from his phone.

"Ali" he whispered and hugged me. He bent down and dug his head in my neck.

"You have no idea how bad it was without you" he said still hugging me.

"I've missed you too. You were the one I missed most" I said and looked at Luke

"Sorry Lucas, Ash. And Cal" I laughed.

They laughed and Michael still hadn't let go

"Dude, I need her hug also. " CALUM said and Michael looked at him from behind me


He continued hugging me.

"Mikey, I've got other boys also" I said and laughed


I pulled away and Calum ran to me, and hugged me.

"I've missed you " he said and bent over to hug me also. These guys were like a foot taller then me. And Luke was like 1 1/2 FT taller.

"Well, maybe you should pay attention if I'm at the dinner table or not" I said and he laughed

"Next time" he smiled

"Ok CalPal, my turn" Ashton said and pulled Calum off of me, and hugged me

"Yea Ali. I missed you more than all of them" he said and hugged me tighter

"I see that" I smiled and hugged him back.

Once all that hugging was D O N E, I looked at Luke. He was staring at his hand.

"Oh Luke I bought you something. I forgot to get it out of the car. I'll be back one sec" I said and he nodded

A/N- another One D character is COOOMMMINNGG :D try and guess ...

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