The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


24. 24

A/N: dude I'm so tired RN but 'OneDirection_Forever_<3' is one of the readers (who reads this fanfic) , and she commented, and lits made my day, so I'll update. For all of you, but her also. It's gonna be a crappy chapter, but I tried :). It's like 9 PM AND IVE BEEN AWAKE since 6 AM, so :) again 😂

Ali's POV!

I Untied the dog and started walking back to Louis' house. I pulled out the bakery thing and it was a powdered thing. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. I shrugged and took a bite, and the dog stopped. He looked up at me and looked at the treat. He turned his head

"Are dogs even supposed to have this?" I asked him and I laughed knowing he had no idea what I was asking.

Then I saw a pet store. So I went in. I bought a bag of those doggy treat things and gave him one

"Happy? Now let's go" I said walking again. The dog listened Better now and walked straight without smelling grass and all that stuff. I walked further and finally saw our house coming. I started Walking up the sidewalk when Luke walked by with Ashley

"ALI!" He said running to me

"Luke stay away!" I said Walkng away.

"Ali!" He said and put his hand on my shoulder. I slapped it away and he took my hand. The dog looked up at him and made a mad sound. This is why dogs are AWESOME. They like, protect you. Like dude stay away from my person.

"Luke, you're getting the dog mad. Stop " I said and he looked down at the dog

"Aw" he said and went to pet the dogs head

"LUKE you don't pet a dog on its-" I said but the dog bit his hand

"Oh shit" I said and looked at the dog.

"Spike! Why!" I grabbed Luke's hand and store in shock. He had 3 teeth marks and A LOT of blood running down his knuckled

"OW!" He screamed and I looked at him, sad.

"Oh my, Go to a hospital! Now!" I yelled and looked at Ashely on her phone

"ASSLEY, BRING LUKE TO THE HOSPITAL NOW." I screamed at her and took her phone

"Hey!" She squealed and I threw the phone at her

"Go take him to a hospital!" I yelled and she nodded taking Luke to her car and driving away.

I quickly ran to Louis' house and opened the door

"Louis oh my gosh your dog bit luke" I said and his eyes widened

"No, way. Oh my gosh this is bad" he said and took Spike's leash off.

"Spike what the hell you know how much trouble we are gonna get in?!" Louis yelled at him and grabbed his collar so he could lead him to the basement.

"Go downstairs" he said and opened the door. The dog ran down.

"What's gonna happen?" I asked and he sighed

"Spike has already bitten someone, they let him go this time, but said if he bites again, they have to put him.. To sleep" Louis said a tear rolling down his cheek

"What!?" I asked shocked.

"Shit this is all my fault" I said and walked outside of his house. I got In MY car, and drove to the hospital Luke was in. I rushed through the door and asked the nurse where he was.

"Room 101" she said and I nodded thanking her and running to the room

Luke sat on the bed looking down, with a bandaged hand. I opened the door and went straight to Luke, hugging him tightly

"Where did Ashely go?" I asked

"She left. I'm done with her. Asshole. She is horrible to me. Doesn't care nearly as much as you did" he said and I hugged him tighter

"I still care. Not did" I said and he kissed my cheek.

"I still love you Ali, even if you may not. I'm sorry about Ashely, and you getting detention. It's my fault." He said and I smiled at him

"I love you, more?" I asked like a question and he laughed

"Thank god."

"So Luke, um, did they ask you about how it happened?" I asked and he shook his head.

"They always ask later" he said and I nodded

"L-Luke, please don't tell them that the dog did it..." I said and he looked at me

"Why?" He asked

"That's Louis' dog... And Louis loves that dog so much, he was crying because they put the dog to sleep forever if they bite people" I said and he looked at me

"Why should I save Tomlinson's dog?" He asked

"Because Louis actually cares a lot about me Luke... That dog is literally the only thing he has now. If you don't wanna think about it because of Louis, think about it because of the dog. The poor dog will have a big needle stuck in it. And will die, when it's not supposed to... You want that happening to a poor doggy? He's only 5 Luke!" I said and he looked me in my eyes

"Do YOU want me to save the dog?" He asked and I nodded

"Really badly"

"Well, then, for you? I won't tell them he did it" Luke said and I smiled.

"Thank you so much" I said and he got up.

Once he got up I immediately hugged him.

"I love you luke... I'll be back soon , ok?" I asked and he nodded. I ran out of the hospital and drove back to Louis house. He was sitting on the couch with Spike lying in his lap, and he cried. While looking at his dog

"Lou, your dog..." I said and he looked at me


"Lou, your dog is fine. He isn't going anywhere" I said and Louis' eyes widened. He ran to me and kissed me

(QUICK A/N- Louissss KISS ME 😂. Ok on with the story. But seriously, I need Louis to kiss me bro)

I kissed him back and he pulled away

"Thank you Ali" he said and hugged me

"Your kiss is nice" he said and I raised my eyebrow

"Wow Lou" I laughed

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