The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


23. 23

A/N- I'll give ya 2 chapters :)

Ali's POV

My phone started ringing and I picked it up

"Ali what happened?" Louis asked and I explained what happened

"I'm walking around the town now, coming back" I said

"Is Spike with you?" He asked worried

"Yea, I got him. don't worry Lou" I said

"Ok, bye. I'm waiting at the house" he said and I said bye, then hung up.

"Well spike, you run fast" I talked to the dog. Let's be real I don't know anyone at the moment besides the dog, it's not my fault

I walked and passed by all the ice cream parlors and shops and bakeries and saw one that I wanted to go into. Badly. So I tied the dog, and walked in.

"Hi" the boy said. He had the curliest hair ever, it was cute. And he had green eyes. He looked at me and smiled

"Hi, can I have, anything" I laughed and he laughed too


"Just, any bakery treat. I don't mind, surprise me" I said and he laughed and went to the back.

"It's good. Maybe you'll like it" he said and handed me the bag

"Thanks. I'm Ali" I said and he smiled

"Harry. Harry Styles. " he said and I smiled

"I gotta go, how much?" I asked and he shook his head

"Nothing, you seem nice, and we have lots of

sales. It's on me" he said and I smiled

"You sure?" I asked and he nodded

"Yea" he smiled

"Well I gotta go. My friends dog is with me, he's outside, so I have to make sure he doesn't run away. He's really big and strong so" I said and he waved



A/N- HARRYS HEREEE. My life is complete. Omg the break started today I cried during their performance not even kidding tho. So everyone stay calm they'll be back. Hopefully. BYEE x

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