The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


22. 22

Ali's POV

I closed the window and sat on my teddy bear staring at Louis' contact

Then my phone dinged. I clicked the text and saw what it said

I actually miss you a lot right now Al -Louis

I would come over, but your dad is there- Ali

But he's about to leave again, he just came to check up on me and get a few of his books and folders for work- Louis

Well, Lou, I'll come when he leaves. If I can get out of the house. Ok?- Ali

Yes! He's about to leave. I'll text you when he does - Louis

Ok :)- Ali

I shut my phone and opened the door slowly. They were all gone so I guessed they were in the basement. My phone vibrated and I looked

He's gone. Now hurry and come -Louis

I slowly walked down the stairs and out the door. I walked to his house and to the front door. Before I could even knock the door flew open and he hugged me

"Whoa Louis chill" I said and he let go

"Sorry. It's been long" he said and I laughed

"1 hour?" I asked and he nodded


I went inside and he took me to the basement. We sat on the sofa and he grabbed the remote

"What do you want to watch?" He asked and I smiled

"Ice hockey!! The penguins are playing" I said and he smiled at me

"You like ice hockey?" He asked and I nodded

"It's fun to watch and play" I said and he smiled at me

"Luke played ice hockey" I said looking down

"You miss him?" He asked and i nodded

"Of course I do. But he's crazy now..." I said and Louis looked at me

"Well, he Was so stupid for letting you go" (but iiiii know ur still the one, still the one' one direction, anyone 😂) Louis said and I smiled

"You actually aren't so bad" I said and he smiled

"Thanks. I never wanted to hurt you... But you're way better than all those popular girls. They are sluts" he said and I raised my eyebrows

"Ok then" I laughed.

We started watching the game and I was at the edge of my seat when the Penguins were about to score

"YESSSSSSSS!!" I screamed and punched the air

"YASSSSS GOO PENGUINS" I yelled again and Louis laughed

"Whoa" he said and I sat back down

"THEY WON" I yelled and cheered

"Well then, let's go upstairs" he said and I nodded

we walked upstairs and his dog ran to us

"You have a dog?" I asked and he nodded

"His name , spike" he said. It was a BIGGG chocolate Labrador.

"Spike?" I laughed and he laughed

"The people who left him, called him Spike. So I went with it" he said and I nodded.

"Want to go on a walk? I have to take him out too" Louis said referring to the dog

"Let's go" I said and pulled my boots on. Louis got his jacket and slipped his shoes on before grabbing a leash. He clipped it to the dog's collar and handed me the handle of the leash

"You go outside I'm coming. Ok?" He asked and I nodded

I opened the door and the dog followed me. It was pretty easy, until the dog saw another dog, and ran after it

"LOUIS" I screamed laughing. The dog ran and dragged me behind it.

I ran behind the dog and eventually the leash slipped out of my hand.

"Oh no" I whispered and ran faster. We ran all through The small town and eventually came to a sidewalk

I ran behind the dog more and more before a boy grabbed the leash and calmed the dog down.

"Ou my gosh thanks." I said taking the leash and looking at the boy who sounded awfully familiar

"Tyson?" I asked looking at the boy.

"ALI!" He yelled hugging me

"I missed you so much!!" I said still holding the leash but hugging him.

Tyson was my best friend. Back where i got abused. He was the only person who helped me, he helped me A LOT. Once he saved me from my dad. I almost died that day. I've known him since 3rd grade. He has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. And always wears a beanie. He is actually pretty handsome

"What are you doing here? With a dog?" He asked me and I laughed. I explained everything about my parents and Louis and Luke and the boys and Ashley, and the dog 😂

"Well at least your away from those assholes" he said and I nodded

"I gotta go, here's my number. Be sure to call me" I said and he nodded

"Bye Ali" he kissed my cheek and I started waking back into the town

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