The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


21. 21

Ali's POV

He kissed me. Actually. What. I kissed him back after being quite shocked of what happened

We kissed for a few seconds before Louis' front door flew open. We quickly pulled away and saw who was at the door

Ashley and Luke.

"WHAT THE HELL" Luke yelled walking inside and grabbing my arm


Louis tried to explain to her but she didn't listen.

"Alaina! Why the hell are you kissing TOMLINSON?!" Luke said loudly and lifted me up with my arm

"Ow" I said and looked up at him

"I'm sorry..." I said quietly

"We are going home" he yelled and I shook my head and pushed his arm off me

"I'm staying here Lucas. You stay away from me" I said and pushed him away

"ALAINA, YOU'RE COMING HOME NOW" he said pulling me out of Louis' house

"LET ME GO" I screamed and Louis got up

"Luke Robert Hemmings, let her go" Louis said to like and pushed him off of me

"No, she is coming home with me Tomlinson. And she has to listen to me" Luke yelled and grabbed my arm and pulled me out again

"Louis!" I screamed and Luke pulled me back to his house while Ashely shut Louis' door

"WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL LUKE! GET OFF OF ME" I screamed and slapped him

He ignored my slap and brought me inside the house where all the boys and Liz and Alice were sitting.

He grabbed my wrists and pulled me into the rom.

"Luke stop! You're hurting me!" I said

"LUKE LET GO OF HER!" Calum yelled and shoved Luke off of me. He hugged me and Luke looked at me. His eyes softened and turned sad.

"Ali" he said and I slapped him

"Get some sense in yourself!" I said to him

"Ali, honey" Liz said getting up and hugging me

"Liz, why did you forget about me?!" I asked her getting a little angry.

"Why was Ashely in the car? Why was she at the dinner table? Why didn't anyone notice me being gone? Why is Luke being so mean?!" I said all the questions quickly

"We didn't forest about you, we just kinda didn't ask about where you were. Ashely was in the car with Luke, she is his 'girlfriend' now. Luke wanted her to meet us. Luke is being mean, I don't know why" Liz answered and I gasped

"ASHELY IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND?" I screamed at Luke and he nodded slowly

"YOU PIECE OF" I yelled and went upstairs to my room. I locked the door and took my phone out and saw like a billion texts from Louis


Are you ok?! Luke didn't hurt you right?

Ashely is gone now, so can you come over?

I miss you. Don't let them hurt you





There were

So many texts from him and I clicked the call button

"Come to the window" I said into the phone and walked to the window which looked out at his room

I opened my window and he did too

"Thank god you're ok" he said to me from his window and I smiled

"I'm fine, what about you and ASSley?" I asked him and he laughed

"She's a piece of history now. Luke?" He asked and I groaned

"He is sycopathic dude he's a idiot now I don't know why. Him and Ashley are dating, she's his girlfriend" I said and Louis' eyes widened

"Whoa. Well I'm done with her so I can have you" he said and I laughed

"I'm not your girlfriend" I said and he smiled at me

"Would you like to be?" He asked and I shrugged

"Maybe. I don't know" I said and he nodded

"Ok" he smirked

"I hate that we have to talk through windows, and can't talk face to face" he said and I nodded

"Yea. I do too. Well, at least we can talk" I said and he nodded

"I gotta go, my dad is home. I love you. Going to say it back?" He asked and I smiled

" I love you Louis, go see your dad" I smiled and he closed his window.

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