The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


18. 18

Ali's POV

We were done eating but still had like 15 minutes left, so Louis wanted to go to Starbucks for desert. We got in the car and he started driving.

"Christmas is soon..." He said and I nodded

"In a few days. Today we get out of school for break.." I said

"Yea" he said and turned.

We arrived at Starbucks and walked inside

"Java Chip, and what would you like?" Louis asked

"strawberry creme frappucino, please." I said

"Total is 8.27$"

I rushed to get my money out but LOuis had paid already

"Omg I have to pay something" I said

"Well, sorry"

I groaned and waited

"LOUIS TOMLINSON?" The loudspeaker said

We walked to the pick up area and I took my frappe

"Thanks" I said to him quietly


We sat outside, even though it was freezing, and drank our drinks.

"Holy shit" I said looking at my watch

"Whoa you know some language" he smirked

"GET UP! We're late! Shit MOVE TOMLINSON!" I yelled and grabbed his arm, running to his car pulling him behind me.

"Drive!" I yelled and he stepped on the pedal trying to start the car, but it didn't....

"HOLY CRAP" I screamed and he looked at me

"CALM DOWN ALI, ILL FIX THIS!" He yelled and I got out of the car, still holding my drink.

"ILL JUST RUN!" I screamed and I ran out of Starbucks' parking lot , on the sidewalk, running fast down the road. I ran really fast and sipped my drink quick while running. I ran and turned and went down the road a little more to the school doors, when I walked inside, everyone was going to their class. I made it

"WHERE WERE YOU TODAY?" Anna asked me and I looked behind me to see Louis out of breath, slowly walking to the door

"I went out for lunch.. Long story don't ask. I gotta go to class! TEXT ME!" I said and ran to my Science class. I finished my drink and threw it in the trash.

Louis is my science partner

He walked in and all the girls looked at him. Like he was some type of angel, when really, he was a devil

"Hey babe" he said to me and I looked at him disgusted

"You dare call me that again, Tomlinson, I will get you" I said and he Backed up

"I was just being friendly" he said

"Too friendly, devil" I said and he groaned

"Ok we have to mix the- what are you doing?"

Louis was looking in one of the metal jars and trying to fix his hair.

"fixing my hair, what else?" He said and I rolled my eyes

"TOMLINSON! Dude keep up with the program. I don't have time for this, I also have that extra credit class after this and I don't have time to stay in and finish. I won't let my freakin grade go down cause of you so can you god damn stop?!" I said a bit loudly so people looked at me

"only... If you kiss me" he whispered the last part

"ARE YOU FUC**NG KIDDING ME?!" I said and he shook his head

"No, I won't work until ya do" he said and my eyes widened. I needed a A in this class, it was really important. I almost fainted and then looked at him

"Not in here we aren't" I said and got up, I took his arm and walked out of the classroom, into the Janitors closet

"Ooh" Louis said and I put my hand on his mouth to stop him from talking

"SHUTUP, we aren't supposed to be in here. Now let me god damn kiss you so we can work!" I said and rolled my eyes. I was NOT gonna kiss his lips, so I'll kiss his cheek.

"Not your lips, your cheek" I said and he groaned

"Pleaseeee" he said

"Cheek, take it or leave it"

"Fine" he said

I was about to kiss his cheek when he moved his head and I kissed his lips. I didn't realize until I opened my eyes, to see him kissing me and pulling me in more

I was about to scream but he put his hand over my mouth

"SHUTUP ALI!" He said and slowly opened the door. We walked out and I slapped him

"You are sick" I said and walked into the science lab.

"Well, I really enjoyed that..." He said and I groaned

"If you don't start this project, I will slap you silly, or I'll tell Luke that you kissed me." I whispered the last part

"Holy shit don't tell Luke he'll freakin kill me" he said and I smirked

"Exactly, so SHUTUP and work" I sai and he nodded

"Now mix it" I told him and wrote stuff in my binder.

We finished 10 minutes before everyone else did and it looked so good.

"Your kisses are my strength now ali" Louis whispered in my ear

"SHUTUP. You are NEVER GETTIN a kiss from me, ever again" I said and he groaned

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