The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


17. 17

Ali's POV

I walked into my class and sat at my advanced English class

"Hey" I heard someone whisper behind me . I urned around and saw Louis sitting at the desk behind me


"Meet me at my locker before lunch," he asked

"If your bit** won't be there"I asked

"fine, I'll get her to go away before you come"

"Fine, now shush so I can learn the damn concept " I said


"Be quiet Tomlinson" I said and he stopped

*before lunch*

I closed me locker and walked to Louis'.

His girlfriend was walking away and I walked to it

"Hey, ok let's go" he said

"Where?" I asked

"To my car. We're going to Panera" he said and I raised a eyebrow

"That's my favorite place" I said

"I know"


"I asked someone.. I didn't wanna take you somewhere you wouldn't enjoy" he said

"Ok, let's go? We only have 25 minutes" I said and he nodded

We walked to his Porche and he opened the door for me


"Yup" he said and went to the other side. He started the car and drove out of the school.

We arrived And I got out

"Tomato soup please bread on the side, and a Coke and she would like..." He started

"Macaroni and cheese please and chips on the side. And Lemonade " I said.

"Ok, is that all?" The lady at the register asked


"19.99$ is your total" she said

"I'll pay for mine" I said taking out my card

"No" he said and gave her his card

"What the hell Tomlinson I should've paid" I said

"Well, now I paid. So deal with it" he said and started walking to get the food

"LOUIS TOMLINSON" came on the loudspeaker, meaning the food was ready.

"Thank you" I said and took my food.

We walked to the table and started eating

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