The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


14. 14

Ali's POV

We walked inside and Luke locked the balcony door.

"I'm so bored" Luke said

"Haha poor you"

He rolled his eyes

"Shit I have school tomorrow" I said and sat on the bed

"Oh crap so do I" he said

I opened the door and peered out

"No one is awake" I said

"Ali, of course no one is awake. It's like 3 AM" he said and I laughed

"I'll be back, in like a few minutes ok?" I asked

"yea I'm gonna take a shower, go ahead" he said and I smiled

He walked into the bathroom and I went down the stairs quietly. I unlocked the front door and walked out, closing it behind me.

I shivered and wrapped my arms around my body, hugging myself. I still had Lukes hoodie on. I saw Louis sitting on his front lawn chair with his head in his hands

"Louis?" I said quietly. He wiped his tears quickly.

"ALI! Ali oh my gosh" he said and got up "I'm so sorry Ali, I have been so mean. I am so sorry for bullying you and being mean to you... I honestly am r-really sorry..." He said .

"I don't know Louis. I'm not ready to forgive you yet" I said

"Ali" he said and hugged me. I stood in shock before hugging him back. he started crying and I frowned

"Please Louis don't cry" I said and rubbed his back

"I'm really really sorry Ali" he kept whispering in my ear

"I'm not ready to forgive you yet. Or trust you at all. But I will see you as a different person.." I said and he nodded

"That's enough for me" he said.

I pulled away but he pulled my back into the hug, like he's needed this for a while and no one gave it TO him. I hugged him for like five more minutes before pulling away

"I have to go... Luke can't see me with you" I said and he nodded

"Bye Ali" he kissed my cheek

"Bye" I said and ran back to Luke's house. Luckily he hasn't come out of the shower yet.

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