The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


13. 13

Ali's POV

I woke up and looked at the time

1:30 AM

It read. We have been sleeping for a while now. Since I had slept so long I wasn't tired. I turned around in the bed to face Luke. I looked at him, he looked cute when he slept. I sat up in the bed and kissed his cheek. He flinched and shot up

"ALI YOU'RE HERE RIGHT?!" He said loudly and I giggled

"Sh. I'm here luke." I said and he looked at me

"Hey" he said acting cool

I laughed "hey?"

"It's like 1 AM, I'm not even tired anymore" he said

"Me either, what do you wanna do? Nothing is open, so we can't go out..."

"Well, maybe... We could sit out on my balcony? And just talk for a while?" He said and I nodded

"Ok" I got up and opened his door

We sat on the 2 beach chairs and I looked up

"Why is my life like this?" I asked. Luke stayed quiet and I just store at the stars and moon

"I miss my old life..." I said

"You don't like it here?" Luke asked panicked

"no! Luke I love it here calm down. I was saying I miss how my parents were and.. When I had actual parents to go to..." I said . He took my hand and squeezed it

The wind blew and I shivered

"ARE YOU COLD?" He yelled and took off his hoodie

"Wow Luke please calm down" I laughed

"Oh sorry, but here's my hoodie" he said and gave it to me

"No Luke you wear it, it's yours. I'll go get mine" I said

"No, wear it. I'm not gonna make you go get it" he said and gives it to me

"Fine" I said and slipped the hoodie on. It was really big on me, but really comfy and warm. Then I looked at him, in his short sleeve Green Day t-shirt. He wrapped his arms around himself and looked up.

"Thanks Luke." I said


We sat and watched the stars before I heard a voice other than Luke's

"ALI!" I heard a British accent say and I looked down

"What the hell. Tomlinson, it's 2 AM. Go away" I said and Luke got up

"Louis, who do you think you are always messing with Ali?! Don't you have any god damn respect for girls? You don't even know how much you've impacted her, in a freaking bad way. So go away!" Luke yelled and I raised my eyebrows at him

"But I wanted to say-"

"No. Just stop. You've done way too much Louis. You've broke her more than I've seen anyone be broken. I'm not letting you do that to her anymore " Luke said and took my hand

"Let's go inside" he said and I got up. I looked back at louis' sad face, I actually think there were tears in his eyes also

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