The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


11. 11

Ali's POV

I woke up on Luke's shoulder my nose running and my whole body burning. I must be really sick. I slowly and carefully got off the sofa bed thing and tried not to wake Luke up.

"Ali?" He moans and I looked at him

"Shh, go back to bed." I manage to come out E fore coughing

"Nope I'm gonna *yawn* take care of you" he said getting up and hugging me while I tried not to sneeze.

"Ugh fine , let me go change and get ready" I said and he nodded also going upstairs behind me . I took a shower and put on leggings, a sweater, and My purple UGGS

"Let's go Ali" Luke said grabbing my hand and taking me to the car. We got in and I just looked out the window on the way to wherever he was taking me

"What do you want from Starbucks?" He said and put his hand up

"Never mind I know what you want, wanna come in?" He asked and I nodded

"Why not ?" I said and got out of the car . Luke ordered and I or my head on his shoulder

"Thank you" he said and gave me my coffeE

" let's go, I got you am appointment at the doctor" he said and I sighed

"Whatever, " I said and went to the car.

We got to the doctors office and we walked in

"Alaina Collins?" The nurse said and Luke got up

We were walking in and I slipped my hand in his entwining our fingers ..

"Don't tell me your still scared of the Doctor?" Luke said and laughed

"SHUTUP Lucas, " I said an he laughed more

"Wait here and the doctor will be with you soon" the nurse said and I sat on the bed thing with Luke

"Omg look at that needle omg they can't put that in me" I said and Luke laughed and eventually had a crack up session

"HAHAHAAHAH" he said and I playfully hit him

"SHUTUP Luke " I said and someone knocked on the door

"Come in " I said and Luke snickered

"Alaina?" The doctor asked and I nodded . He checked me up and then sighed

"Your ok, but you need your flu shot," he said and I winced and grabbed Luke's hand

"Ok" Luke said and I looked at him my eyes wide

"Omg Luke no" I said and he laughed

"Calm down" he said and I sat on the bed

"Hold my hand" I whispered embarrassed and Luke grinned . He took my hand in his and I squeezed

"Ok " the doctor said and took out the shot

"Oh my" I said and the words wouldn't come out after.

"Ali calm Down , " Luke said and the doctor stuck the needle in my arm

"OWHDHWJXKSK" I screamed random words and Luke put his hand on my mouth shushing me and he squeezed my hand

"there done simple!" The doctor said and I glared at him. He put the bandage on my arm and I jumped off and hugged Luke

"Omg , why would you let them do that!!" I whispered and he hugged me and laughed

"It was for your own good" he said

"It wasn't that bad Al" he said while we walked out

"I hate you" I said and he laughed . We drove home and I walked in the living room.

" wow it's so dark" I said and he nodded

"Where is Everyone?" I asked and he shrugged

In the kitchen was a note

Hi Lucas, we went to the university,remeber we have that huge final? Well you probably will have time when you come back it starts at 12:30 good luck Lucas - CALUM ASHTON MIKEY

"SHIT OH GOD WE HAVE A FINAL MAN I ALSO HAVE A GAME IN FOOTBALL TODAY SHIT ALI IM SORRY I HAVE TO GO!" Luke yelled and ran upstairs, fixed his hair and grabbed his backpack

"BYE!" He yelled before running outside to his car

I laughed and went out to the balcony, and sat down on the couch. I turned on the outdoor tv and sat there just staring at the screen, not even paying attention, just staring

"Al-" I heard someone say before someone else whispered something . I turned around to face the balcony next to mine and saw Louis

"Oh my gosh Tomlinson what the hell go away" I yelled and he frowned

"Sorry, for everything honesl-" he said but got cut off gain by a girl yelling

"LOUIIIIIIIIIIISS COME ON BABE!" Stacy yelled and i groaned

"Can you shit that asshole up?" I yelled and got up. I turned off the tv and opened the balcony door, walking in and locking it

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