The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


10. 10


I woke up on the couch on the basement all of the boys around me on their phones. Tears slightly brushed their cheeks. Then I remember what happened, the day dream I had 

"Guys" I said sighing and shooting up from the couch . They all looked at me worried and surprised then jumped up too. I

"ALI OH MY GOSH THANK GOD YOU ARE OK" Calum yelled hugging me. They all hugged me then Luke

"Ali are you ok love?" he asked still hugging me while i put my arms around his neck holding him tighter. I was really scared '

"I-I- I don't know Luke, " I said and sat back down next to Mikey

Mikey don't let them hurt me" I said and hugged him

"Never Ali" he said and I sighed and coughed then sneezed. Mikey felt my forehead and looked at me

"Ali you may be getting sick" He said and I shoo my head

'I'm fine" I said and sneezed grabbing a tissue from the tissue box. 

"No your not. Luke take her upstairs and give her a blanket I'll go get some soup from Panera Bread... we can't have you sick . " Calum said and I sighed nodding and stood up along with the others

"Luke pick me up my legs hurt" I said and Luke raised a eyebrow at me laughing then walking to my side and picking me up bridal style and walked upstairs. He playfully threw me on the couch and I frowned

"Hey L-" I said but got cut of by a sneeze

"Luke" I finished and he laughed giving me a blanket but sitting next to me before putting it on top of us

"Lets watch Hunger Games" I said leaning my head on his chest and looking at the screen.

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