Kakashi Hatake X the Reader

This book is all about the reader and Kakashi Hatake or better known has the copy ninja. This is a whole book of imagines. Please let me know if I misspell any words or anything. I want you to be able to read the story and to understand what you are reading.


5. The Moonlight Book (Part: 1)

The Moonlight Book (Part: 1)






I gently shifted in my seat as Tsunade-sama looked straight at me from her desk. Her brown eyes narrowed at me and her hands were neatly placed in her lap. It is her normal and simple position she does whenever she tries not to hit me. Sometimes it even works, like today.

Anyone who walked into this office-even blind-could tell that there was something going on. It was that clear in the air between the fifth hokage and me that something was defiantly going on that was not good.

Two seconds went by.

Four seconds went by.

I start to rub the back of my neck with my right hand. Then I shook my left foot, still watching Tsunade-sama.

Six seconds went by.

"Are we done here, hokage Tsunade-sama?" I questioned, giving her a fake smile.

A second went by of her just gazing at me.

Tsunade-sama stood up from her desk, and then she walked around it. The older female now stood right in front of me. Within an instant, she leaned in and put both her hands on the arms of my chair, making sure I was trapped where I was seated. I tried to lean back in my seat; nevertheless, she followed my movement and came closer.

"Do you think we are done here, {your first name}-chan?" She questioned, glaring threateningly at me." Because, I do not think we are done here. What you did deserves a punishment, don't you think?"

I know I probably should have given her a break...but I can't help myself to not tease the poor prude. I mean, come on! The woman is literally like in my lap right now...

"Do you really loath my talent for writing that badly, my lady? Also, to your first question, I am starting to think that we are not done just yet and I truly believe you are overreacting, don't you think?" I say to her, relaxing my body and leaning into her face when I spoke, making sure to inform her that she is not in control of me.

This time around, I gave her a genuine smirk, making sure to get under her skin. What can I say? She makes it so easy. I don't even have to try that hard.

Tsunade-sama just gives me a death glare and her nails burrowed into the armchair. After a minute went by, her face was completely inflamed and I could tell that the marks on the chair would be forever evident.

I blinked and played with the end of my shirt, realizing that I might have taken this a little too far this time....

"Your book sold more copies than the Icha-Icha Paradise book did in years and it has only been out for a day!" She flung her right hand in the air, almost striking me in the face." It's more detailed and-and- Jiraiya-chan, perverted Hermit, has read the whole book and has stated to me, face-to-face, that he loves it and wanted me to ask you if you both could work together on his next volume! {Your first name}-chan, this is not overreacting. Not even a little bit!"

I blinked and I couldn't help but gape at her...I could do a happy dance right now! Jiraiya-chan wants to work with me? Me! Out of all people in this village...

I close my eyes and think about her reaction to all of this and what she would do to me if I actually did my happy dance for this....Now that I think about it, maybe she was not overreacting about my book. I open my eyes and lock them with hers.

"I, um," I started to say, thinking of the accurate words to say." I comprehend why you are bothered over this...however; The Moonlight book was only made for my eyes and nobody else." I looked at the floor and rubbed my hands together." It was not made to get published, but it did-um, you can thank Naruto-chan for that. I'm sorry about the distress and Jiraiya-chan thing that happened....Just don't tell Kakashi-sensei about this. Also, I don't think you need to give me a 'punishment.'"

I then realized what I just stated to her, however, before I could save my butt, she gives me a smile and moves to her desk. Tsunade-sama's eyes gleamed and she kept looking at me strangely. She slowly hit a red button on her desk. A female voice spoke, asking her what she required.

"I want you to get Kakashi-chan for me, please." I heard the lady's voice ask something and Tsunade-sama's smirk extended to her eyes, making her look like a wicked clown to me. "Tell him I need to ask him a minor favor. Thank you!"

I didn't rub my neck or hands this time. I couldn't even think at that moment because my body felt numb, like when ice touches your bare skin numb.

I can't believe this! After I asked her not to do this! Out of all people in this village! Why me?

"Kakashi-chan will pick a chapter or scene-doesn't matter how long it is-to tell you how wrong your book really is and you will allow him to do it. Thank you for the tip, {your first name}-chan. It really helped me."

Stupid, stupid insane prude! The-the book is not something I would ever want to go over with Kakashi-chan! I mean, I have had an enormous crush on him since I was sixteen. I am now eighteen years old. The book is-it is like the Icha-Icha Paradise. I don't want my crush to read and go over my wrong doing! I don't think any sane person would!

We both glared at one another until Kakashi-chan came to the room.

{Half an Hour Later}



Kakashi-chan finally walked in the door, making me and the hokage stop glaring at one another. When I glanced at him, I was stunned. I and the hokage just sat there gawking at the twenty-six-year-old. In his left hand, Kakashi-chan had my book, skimming the page he was on like he couldn't care less about what was going on around him.

I slowly peeked at the leader of my village. Her eyes were red and she looked more out enraged about Kakashi-chan right now than she did with me...I might just be able to get out of this. Thank you, Kakashi-chan!

After a few moments went by, Tsunade-sama finally said something.

"Kakashi, Kakashi!" She shrieked making both me and him put our hands to our earlobes. "Stop reading that dim-witted book right now!"

Hey! Excuse me! That dim-witted book is mine! Don't you dare make fun of it!

Kakashi did what he was told to do and then looked at the fifth hokage. His face showed only boredom, making me wonder if he actually enjoyed my book or didn't think much of it.

"Yes, hokage," He said, walking closer to her." I was told that you wanted something, is this correct?"

She didn't respond to him. All she did was marched up to him and muttered something into his ear. After she finished talking to him, she walked a foot away and they both watched me. Kakashi-chan then looked back to her.

"Do you want me to take her now?" He asked slowly.

"Yes, I do. I have some work to do and to be honest; I can't focus with her here with me." She said, glaring at me again.

I tried not to steep to her level in front of Kakashi-chan and just smiled at her...I mean, on the outside I was not going to steep to her level, however, Kakashi-chan couldn't see inside my mind.

Sure you have lots of work to do; however, it is called spending our entire village's money on gambling! Also, I can't stand you either.

Kakashi-chan just rubbed his neck and sighed deeply at the both of us.

"{your first name}-chan, we need to leave the hokage alone. Please follow me and try not to get in any more trouble with her."

"I didn't do anything this time!" I shouted. "It was Naruto-chan who should be getting in trouble, not me!"

Kakashi-chan opened the door for me and we both exited the hokage's office. He then stopped and gazed at me with a raised eyebrow. His hands were also against his chest and his feet was facing me, matching my pose perfectly without even trying.

"So, you did not write this, then?" Kakashi-chan took out my book and showed me my name on the book." I guess we have a different {your full name}-chan in our village, right?"

I rubbed my neck and was about to defend myself, when Kakashi-chan put one of his fingers to my mouth, making me go completely silent and motionless. His finger was warm and I could swear I saw his mouth lifted up at my shock, which was probably crystal clear by my facial expression.

"Save it and we need to start your punishment before it gets too dark outside." He whispered, removing his finger and walking out through the hallway, quietly and graceful; like a true ninja does always. Unlike what I can ever do.

I rubbed the part of the lip where his finger touched, missing the heat that was once there.



When we finally left the building, a thought came to my mind. Where is he taking me? He and did the hokage say where we were going.

I stopped automatically and stared at Kakashi-chan's back. He just kept on walking and didn't even look back at me. By now I should be used to this; nevertheless, it still has wounded my feelings.

"By the way, where are we even going?"

Kakashi-chan stopped and spun around to face me. His eyes blazed and darkened when our eyes met. I could feel a jolt go through my body at his action. I could not read his emotions through his eyes, however, whatever they were, they were very strong indeed. Kakashi-chan did the same pose I was doing. I shifted my left foot over. After a second went by, he copied my movement and looked away from my gaze, making sure I couldn't see his face.

"We are going to my house. Why do you ask?" Kakashi-chan started to walk again and I quickly followed him, trying to still take the news in.

His-his house! Does the hokage know about this? I mean, it seems a little weird for her to allow something like this...

"Just wondering, that is all." I replied, now walking side-to-side with him through the streets.

"When did you start the book?" Kakashi-chan asked, and then looked at me. When I looked at him, I saw that he shifted his left side to me, giving me some of his attention.

I blinked, trying to understand what he just asked me. I was still in wonder about how all of this happened to me today to understand him or words period.

"What did you say?" I simply ask, getting straight to the point.

At that moment, he twists around; making my chest hit his stomach. I silently waited for him to move away, however, he doesn't even try to move. Realizing how close we are, I took the liberty to take a few steps away from him.

"I said when did you start writing the book called Moonlight?" He says again. This time his voice is deeper and louder than before, making sure that I could hear him loud and clear.

I shook my head, understanding now what he asked me. I thought back to when I started the book and realized why I wrote it. I wrote it because of my crush on Kakashi-chan.

"I-I started to write it when I was sixteen and just finished it last month."

By now I could tell we were nearby where his house is because his home was possibly ten or twenty minutes away from the gate of the village. Thank Kami for that we close to his home. I don't want to go down this road with Kakashi-chan.

"What made you write it? Did you base any characters on people you have met?" He questioned out-of-the-blue.

I looked down at the ground, feeling a blush come to my face. I wanted to run and hide away from all his questions because I knew if I answered him that he would know about me liking him.

To-do list for tomorrow if I live through this:

1. Get away from Kakashi-chan

2. Find Naruto-chan

3. Take his sorry butt into the woods

4. Kill him

Tomorrow will be a very messy and busy day that is for sure.

"I was exhausted of little kid books and there are no characters in my book that relates to people in my life." I lied, and watched Kakashi-chan's reaction to what I said. He never turned around or said anything; he just kept on walking like nothing ever happened.

There were just a few things I noticed and didn't think much of it until later; his neck had more tension in it than normal, his head was slightly tilted, and his arms were crossed his chest again.



{Ten Minutes Later}



We didn't talk the rest of the way to his house and when we got there, he told me to go to his bedroom. I tried to ask him why his bedroom and all he said was because it would make the scenes more realistic, making me realizes my wrong doing. I couldn't help but feel distressed by his words, no matter how much I tried.

I stood in Kakashi-chan's room, waiting for him to show up. After a few minutes past, I was starting to get upset with him. This guy is always good at being late and making people wait for him!

When I was about to run to his window to escape, I heard the door behind me open and slam quickly. I let out a sigh, knowing I am stuck now with my fate.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to take so long." I heard Kakashi-chan say.

I curved around to see Kakashi-chan. He had my book in his hand and a bag that was entirely full. I raised my right eyebrow at him, locking my eyes on the book and then the bag in his hand.

Do I even want to know what he is planning and what is in that bag of his?

"Kakashi-chan, what is in the bag?" I finally ask him, looking straight into his eyes- his one visible eye.

"Nothing that is not in this book here," He said.

I felt my body go bitter and I could not breathe. Nothing-nothing that is not in my book! He has to be kidding me? That-that book is full of-

I could tell he was smirking through his mask at me right this instant. It was clear that he was enjoying himself and the way I was acting towards all of this. I'm so doomed! So, so doomed!

"I'm going to make this a little more interesting than what the hokage wants. I just don't think her way will get through to you." He said, letting out a bitter chuckle.

"What-what do you mean?" I asked, chewing into my bottom lip, "Um, by saying more interesting?"

"Every time you lie, don't answer me, or stall, I get to act out a scene-it doesn't matter how long it is or what scene it is- in your lovely and not kid book. If you tell me what I want to know, I will stop and you can go home, however, if you do any of those things I have stated, I will continue your punishment. Keep in mind, {your first name}-chan, that each time you do one of those things, I go further into the book and we both know the deeper you get, the more heated the outcome, just thought you should know that."

"Is there any way I can get out of this, Sensei?"

"No, there is no way to get out of this. Shall we begin?"

"I don't really have a choice do I?"

He just let out a laugh and shook his head.

"No, no you do not. Just don't lie, answer me when I ask something, and don't stall. If you do what I say, you will be able to leave."

Kakashi-chan was right on one thing. If he will be asking the questions about my book, then things really will be getting very interesting and heated very soon.


~~Without saying anything else, Kakashi-chan moved towards me too fast for me to run away. His right hand came up and swept me off my feet, while his left hand rested on my back, making sure when I hit the bed that it would not hurt me at all.

Kakashi-chan still had his hand on my back, but removed his other hand from my
stomach.He carefully pulled out the book and swiftly went through a few chapters in my book to find the right page he was looking for. After a second went by, Kakashi-chan finally found the right page and I swore I saw a grin come across his face.

He slowly looked down at me and his eyes held the same look it did a little bit ago, which made my whole body warm up even more. I couldn't help but blush when his body matched mine. The heat from both our bodies came together, making it even harder for me to think straight. I was at his mercy and I think he knew it too well.


"I'll ask my second and third question again, but you better answer with the truth this time." He said, leaning more into my body, knowing that it would set me off with the closeness."What made you write it? Did you base any characters on people you have met?"



I froze when Kakashi-chan made me sit up and turned me around, making my back to his chest. I let out a deep gasp when he bent down and laid his lips on my neck (with no mask on). His left hand went up and down my arm, making shivers go wherever his fingers went. While his hands traced lightly against my arms, shoulders, and sides, Kakashi-chan took that moment to start kissing my neck gently. His kisses were gentle and kind, like how a boyfriend would touch his lover. This made it even harder to focus on answering him.



When a minute went by, Kakashi-chan's kisses on the neck increased. They went higher and higher. Each time his lips went higher, the kisses became more and more rough. They didn't hurt though. It was just becoming way too much for me to handle.



"You have not even tried to answer my questions." Kakashi-chan said when his mouth was finally at my ear." I think I might just need to teach you that I am serious about this, {your first name}—chan."


Kakashi-chan removed himself from me. He didn't say anything and for a second I thought that he left the room, however, that was until I felt a cold object at the end of my shirt. The cold metal sent waves through my body, making me uneasy.


In an instant, the kunai lightly cut through my shirt, leaving my back exposed to Kakashi-chan. Before I could tell him to stop, Kakashi-chan effortlessly grabbed my arms and held them to my back. After he did that, he laid me down on my abdomen, and slashed through my jeans and underwear.


"Now, will you answer me?" He asked, running his hand from my neck to my butt." Or do I need to continue?"


I couldn't speak at all. Kakashi-chan's touch was so gentle and so new to me that I could not find a way to speak. I just kept on letting out heavy breathes and wishing that I could be stronger at this moment, but I could not and some part of me was kind of okay with this. It was not like Kakashi-chan was being mean. I was starting to think he was teasing me or in a way like me too. This made me more at ease with the solution going on here.


"Fine, have it your way, then."


Kakashi-chan swiftly sliced the black bra I was wearing and laid the kunai on the bed. Less than a second, Kakashi-chan was off the bed and looking through his bag, which was still on the wood floor. Before I could even think about getting away (not like I even could because I'm fully naked), Kakashi-chan moved back on the bed and turned me around.


I let out a low gasp when I saw what he had in his hand. Whip cream. I looked at him questionably, wondering why he would want whip cream at a time like this! Kakashi-chan didn't say anything. All he did was turned me around then opened the can and squirted it onto my stomach, leaving only half the can of whip cream left. The whip cream felt cold against my warm skin.


Kakashi-chan leaned down and touched his lips to my belly, making the whip cream move away from where his mouth was at. I thought that he was just going to kiss my stomach and remove the whip cream that way, like in the books I read, however, he didn't do that. I felt something wet touch my abdomen, which made me freak out. I meet Kakashi-chan's gaze to see that he was licking the whip cream off of me with his tongue.


He let out a soft laugh at my reaction and smiled while still licking all the whip cream off of me. I let my muscles relax when I realized that I was safe and had nothing to worry about.


"Sorry for worrying you." He said, after all the whip cream was off of me." I just show how tense you were and didn't want you to feel like you were so hopeless and trapped. I wanted you to be able to have a laugh too about this."

I let out a deep laugh and smiled at him.


"So, what is next on your list?" I asked him, sitting up.


"Well, it is getting dark out and I think Sakura-chan will be waiting for you back in your room...mm...Meet me here tomorrow. That is an order, {your first name}—chan. I don't want to go hunt you down. We will continue this until you tell me what I want to know or until you stop lying to me and yourself."


I shook my head at him and was about to leave when I realized why the cold air felt so much colder than what it usually was to me. Kakashi-chan just laugh at me again.


"Forgetting about something?"


I blushed and turned around to see Kakashi-chan with a pair of his pants and a T-shirt. He quickly flings them at me and I caught both of them in my hands. I gave him a kind smile and put his clothes on me. Without even trying, I was able to smell his scent from his clothes. This made me happy and calm in a way. Like this was normal and good.


"Tell her that I made you run in the mud and that you had to use my clothes because you didn't want to upset her by dirtying your apartment." I just nodded at him and opened the door. Before I could get to the front door, Kakashi-chan came running after me like a crazy person.



"You—you forgot three things?" He said, looking straight into my eyes.



"What do you mean? I will be coming back tomorrow and I remember what to tell my roommate, so what are you talking about Kakashi-chan?"


"You are forgetting about this." He said, bending over and kissing me. After thirty seconds went by, Kakashi-chan pulls away and smiles at me. "You also forgot this." He said handing me a small key. "You might need this tomorrow-or until you answer all my questions and the last thing is to not tell anyone of what my face really looks like, do you understand?"




I just grin and kiss his lips quickly and nod. After one last long kiss, we say good-bye and I leave his house for the night, knowing tomorrow will be even more intense and interesting.


~~Back when I started to write 'The Moonlight' book, I never would have thought that I would be acting out scenes from my own book. What took me even more over the edge was that I would be doing exactly that with my sensei, Kakashi Hatake- chan, tonight at his house. Again.



When I finally put on my normal clothing—my clothing that I wore after training my butt off the whole freaking day— I swiftly ran through the village, towards where Kakashi-chan's home was located. When I ran on top of the tiles of the houses, I felt free. Like, I could do anything that I wanted, could be anyone that I desired to be. I knew what I wanted to be and I knew what I wanted. Kakashi Hatake, the 'Copy Ninja.'



The cold air felt amazing on me. It cooled my nerves and made me realize that I was not dreaming. That this whole thing was real and was happening to me. Out of all people in this village—no, the world, Kakashi Hatake-chan wanted me and I couldn't help but smile at that.



By the time that I got to his home; the moon was at its peak, beaming down on the trees, myself, and the house of my lover. It give the setting around me a romantic vibe, like something you would see in a movie.



I slowly walked up to the door, giving it a few knocks, and waited for Kakashi-chan to open his door for me to come in. A few seconds went by, then with a quick tug, the door was wide open, revealing a young, white haired man. His smile was brighter than the moon in the sky, when he saw me. I smiled intensely at him, walking into his lovely household.



"I'm glad that you didn't forget or try to ditch me, {your first name}-chan." He spoke in a slow, husky voice, making my knees almost cave in from just that." However, I still do need to punish you more than I did before. Please, {your first name}-chan, follow me and don't try to run."



I truly don't know what got into this young, fascinating, drool-worthy ninja, but I couldn't ever think of wanting it to go away. Never. I wanted him to be like this forever with me and I alone.



I followed him, slowly. Allowing myself to take in what was happening. I realized that I was not has shy as before. I felt more alive and ready for anything. When I was done thinking that, I realized what Kakashi-chan had done for us.



His bedroom had rose petals all over the flooring, bed, and his bathroom. The moonlight shined through the bedroom window and there were lit candles, which smiled like (favorite smell), that were on the floor too. It was like I walked into a movie. A movie of two lovers finally getting to be together and making a lasting effect on each other.



I smiled and I could feel the heat coming to my cheekbones. Kakashi-chan turned to me, his eyes watching my every movement, like he was waiting for something to happen. "Do you like it?"



"No. I love what you have done to your room. Girls would kill for a guy to do this for her, me including."



Kakashi-chan let out a laugh. "I'm glad to hear that."



When he stopped laughing, Kakashi-chan started walking towards me. His unmatched eyes watching me. They glowed with mixed emotions. Something that Kakashi-chan didn't allow to show. At all. When he finally was an inch away from me, he leaned into my ear, whispering the exact words that I wrote in my book," You have no clue what kind of things I want to do to you, my lady. Trust me on that." His voice grow huskier and deeper when he said that.



I decided to play this game of role-play with him." What do you mean, my ninja?"



"It is something that I don't want to say, my lady." He slowly placed his soft lips to the base of my earlobe, sending small, warm, tingling feeling all across my body." I must show it by actions and physically, my dear, little lady."



In an instant, Kakashi-chan pulled my body against mine. His lips fell down to my neck, laying soft kisses to each part until he found the beginning of my collarbone. His hands went to my sides, lifting my shirt up and touching my sides. When his hands touched my bear skin, I could feel my body sending another wave of heat and shivers down my spine. His lips started to suck on my neck, while using his hands to lift me off the ground. He slowly allowed his lips to hover over the mark that he left on my skin.



In a few seconds, Kakashi-chan laid me down on his bed. His body hovered over mine. I decided to still play role-play with him. I liked the effect it had on him. Who could blame me?



"I—I thought that ninjas were not allowed to have lovers or to love...it causes too many problems—"



Leaning into my skin, Kakashi-chan's eyes gleamed, allowing me to see a side of him that no one else has seen before. His left hand played with my hair slowly." I don't care what the rules say—not anymore..."



With that spoken, Kakashi-chan quickly placed a deep, famished kiss on my lips. His lips kept locked on mine, like his life was a jeopardy if he didn't. His right hand went to my jeans and then I felt the same cold weapon from last night on me again. This time I couldn't help but let out a gasp when the icy metallic weapon ripped my jeans. It didn't hurt at all. No! It sent even more intense waves through me. Kakashi-chan let out a loud chuckled when he saw me.



He then slit my shirt open, revealing myself to him. He swiftly grasped the destroyed clothing to a side of the room, with no candles. Kakashi-chan then slowly tugged on my lacy, black underwear and leaned in again, with a wicked grin." My lady, you have no clue how tempting you truly have been to me over the years. How many times I have imagined me doing this to you and so much more..."



Kakashi-chan then ripped the underwear from my body. He then touched the only lasting clothing I had on my body, making my body go numb by his touch. His mouth hovered over the strap of my bra. Slowly, and teasingly removing it with his mouth. I felt my heartbeat gaining more speed when he did this. Then he did the other one. He flung the bra with the rest of the clothing, leaving me in nothing.



His eyes stared at me for a few seconds. Looking at my whole naked body. When I felt my cheeks start to warm up, Kakashi-chan let out a deep sigh. "You are so breathtaking, my lady."



When I was about to say thank you, Kakashi-chan ran one of his fingers softly around my chest, making me blush even more than before. Kakashi-chan saw this and grinned. His other hand grasped my hip, pulling my body against is clothed one. He pushed his hips into me, gently, then allowed his, now free hand, to shift to my other side. After a second went by, he allowed his hand before to lift to my shoulder, rubbing it deeply. With him touching, not just my chest, but my shoulder, it allowed me to realize and the shots of pleasure I felt to heat up.



Still rubbing my back, Kakashi-chan, slowly allowed his hand to get lower. By the time I realize what he was doing, it was too late. His hand was on me, slowly rubbing, causing me to take a breath in and arch my back a bit in desire and astonishment. I never have had anyone touch me there. He kept rubbing, each time going faster and then slower. When I thought he was done, Kakashi-chan took this moment to lean down to where his hand was located, and licked me. I felt a jut of desire, like never before when he did this. I shifted my legs and parted them, allowing him to get a better view. He just let out a deep, husky laugh, still licking and turning me into a puddle in his hands—or tongue.



After a few seconds— and I trying to get him closer to me— Kakashi-chan finally had enough, he slowly slipped his tongue into me, making me a complete mess. I couldn't control my actions. I wrapped my legs around him and he grabbed a hold of my shoulders, dragging me even closer to him, where there was not an ounce of skin—minus the clothing that he still had on— that didn't touch.



Before I could get use to the feeling and everything, Kakashi-chan removed his mouth from me and shifted me on my front. He then slowly grasped my chest behind and allowed his pants— that were hard— to push against my butt. I instantly let out a low pant leave my mouth. He gently plays with me and allows his breath to tickle my earlobe.



I then realize what I have to do because of the scene...



"Please—Please..." I let out an angry breath, knowing that I didn't' have to act like the girl in my book. I was already being and acting like her with my very own ninja lover.



"Please what?" Kakashi-chan, enjoying the scene in front of him and that he could get me like this. "Tell me what you want, my lady?"



I waited.



In an instant, Kakashi-chan hand his left hand going down to my entrance and was about to go inside me, when I finally had enough. It was too much. I couldn't even think straight anymore. "I want you. I want your body, mind, and love, my ninja." I said," I want you to be the one and the last one to fully have me—no one else. It's—it's not even a want anymore, it's a need. Please, please, I need you and want you, forever."



Kakashi didn't even wait a second after I finished speaking, he turned me around, taking off all his clothing. When he throw them with my ruined clothing, Kakashi-chan was fully naked in front of me.



He was about to enter me, when I realized something." What about a—"



"There is no need." His deep, husky voice said, acting like he couldn't wait anymore. Like he wasn't in control." If you get impregnated by this, then it will not matter. I'm not allowing any male—ninja or a common man— to do the honor of touching you or having children with you. That is my job alone, {your first name}-chan..."



I nodded my head at him, wanting and knowing that to be true. He was the one for me, and I am the one for him.



Kakashi-chan then slowly slid himself into me. I let out a grunt, not use to the feeling of pleasure and pain at the same time. He softly lifted my hips up, allowing him to try to adjust. This made it feel a little better and then I realized another thing.



"You did all that to make it easier for me to have you inside me, didn't you, Kakashi-chan?" I asked him, looking into his eyes has he pants, trying to not move too much for my sake.



He smiled.



"I was hoping that you didn't sleep with anyone....That is why and I also like the faces and sounds you make..."



By now, I am use to it and allow him to move. He thrusts deeper in and then slowly moves almost out. After doing that three times, he picks up speed and I can start to hear him panting. "I forget that most first timers are very tight...." He pants out, pushing in again.



I put my arms around him, moving my hips with his and I can feel our chest connect sometimes. Kakashi-chan then goes a lot faster, making a slow, low moan come from my mouth. This only makes him go faster and faster. He then gets out of me and flips me around again. I allow him to do this. He then puts his himself by my entrance, teasing me.



In the next second, he slams into me from behind, making me grasp hold of his pillows. He lets out a low grunt and starts to rub his left hand on my neck and back, trying to make me more comfortable. I get use to the feeling and allow him to take this new position in. Finally realizing that I am in no longer pain, Kakashi-chan moves faster inside me, not holding back at all. I was about to let out a full out moan, but then I heard their voices...



"Kakashi-sensei told us not to bug him, Naruto!" I could hear the pink haired girl yell, making me shrunk into the pillow. That girl really needs to stop using Naruto for a punching bag!



"Well, he owes me a lesson in that tactic of his." Naruto-chan shouted back, seeming even closer to the house now.



Kakashi-chan mumbles a few cuss words and gets up. Then he swiftly gets his clothes back on. "I'll be right back. I just need to get rid of them. Don't go anywhere. I'm not done with you. Not until you can't walk and are carrying the next Hatake hair for my clan."



"Sensei! Kakashi-sensei! Are you home?" Naruto-chan shouts.



He lets out an irritated grunt, "Yes, I am. I'll be right out. I'm getting dressed, Naruto!"



There was a pause.



"Ewe!" Naruto screamed, "Sensei!"



I smiled at Kakashi-chan and he grinned, putting on his dumb mask, which I can't stand. I allow a giggle to escapee my mouth when I think about how different Naruto and I take the sentence Kakashi-chan spoke.



"I'll be right here when you get back, Kakashi-chan...Don't you worry." I sent him a quick smile when he walked out of his room.



When I know that they are finally gone, I collapse on the bed, head first. I can start to feel my energy drained from me.



Next stop, the kitchen.



I'll look over this chapter later when I have time. I hope you enjoyed this one because it was three chapters turned into one!

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