Kakashi Hatake X the Reader

This book is all about the reader and Kakashi Hatake or better known has the copy ninja. This is a whole book of imagines. Please let me know if I misspell any words or anything. I want you to be able to read the story and to understand what you are reading.


2. Never Say Never ( Part: 2)

Never Say Never (Part: 2)


The light from the full moon shone through the windows, which hit Kakashi-sensei's unmasked face perfectly. This allowed you to see how much he truly looked like his father, Sakumo Hatake, Konoha's White Fang, and how breathtaking he really was.

"{your first name}-chan, what are you doing here?" Kakashi-sensei said, rubbing the back of his neck with his left hand. He seemed nervous and confused: that little bit was clear by what he just did. Also, a clear hint was how his shoulders looked very tense from where you stood, nevertheless, his eyes never left yours. This made you extremely tense, too. He never looked tense or showed any emotions that much around others. Not even his friends.

Without thinking, you grabbed the closes thing to you and saw that it was a book, however, at the time you did not read the cover of it...

"Umm, I wanted to read this...that's all, sensei." You shook your head, smiling at him, hoping he would fall for it and let you go.

"Um, {your first name}-chan, you wanted to read the Makeout Paradise book?" Kakashi-sensei smiled at you.

You almost let out a gasp at what he said and what was in your right hand at that moment.

I-I have to act fast, you thought.

"Yes, sensei, I have found this book very appealing and I could not help myself..." You bite down on your bottom lip, trying to make sure this was real. Cause it didn't feel real to you at all!

Truth be told, you knew what was in this book and that nobody knew this side of you. You were the goody-two-shoes and teacher's pet.

"You do realize that you have to be eighteen to read that, right? You are only (your age), {your first name}-chan." He walked closer to you and closer. By the time you both stopped, you were pretty much leaning against Kakashi-sensei's bed. "You also need to realize that I will have to tell-"

"Sensei, please, please, don't! I am begging you, don't tell anyone about this. I don't want anyone to know."

There was a pause as Kakashi-sensei thought about what he should do about this and then an Idea came to him. He started to grin at you, making you think that it was over: he was going to rat you out! I'm dead! You thought. I'm so, so dead.

"I'm going to be very blunt with you, {your first name}-chan," Kakashi-sensei started saying," I know you fancy me-"

"N-no, I do not, sir. I mean, you're my sensei. It is wrong to feel that way towards you-"

Kakashi-sensei swiftly marched over to you, and then pushed you against the bedroom wall. The movement was too fast for you to try any moves or even attempt to fight back. All you could do was let out a gasp as he lifted both your arms above your head and pushed both your chests together.

You were in shock that Kakashi-sensei didn't laugh at your action, however, the only thing he did when he heard you gasp was smile. It was a charming and simple kind of smile: which made you feel at ease around him.

"Please let me know if this feels wrong to you. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable when I do this." He didn't give you enough time to let this all sink in. No, at that instant, Kakashi-sensei linked his lips with yours. As he kissed you, you realized that his lips were soft and tasted like peppermint. Without another thought, you kissed back. This made Kakashi-sensei deepen the kiss even more, making you weak at the knees. He kissed like no other guy had kissed you before. It felt like a dream come true to you.

After thirty seconds went by, Kakashi-sensei let go of your arms, and then put them to your hips slowly. You felt his nails dig deep into your hips, making a shiver go through your whole body that started from where his hands were at. You then heard Kakashi-sensei let out a tiny laugh.

Then, right then, it all hit you like a ton of bricks: you just made out with your sensei!

Without warning, you pulled away from him and looked into his eyes, trying to take control of the solution and fix things." I-we can't do this. It's not allowed-"

"Then, please, tell me this, {your first name}-chan, and if you do, I will allow you to leave here with your secret kept." Kakashi-sensei said, narrowing his eyes at you. "Tell me that it would not matter if I was not your sensei: that you would still not want me. Tell me that you can't stand me kissing you," Kakashi-sensei briefly kissed your lips, trying to make a point, "Marking you as mine," He then leaned into your neck, kissing it and socking on it slowly: making a mark that was very noticeable. "And being my lover forever and ever. Tell that you don't want this and I'll leave you alone. You will never be touched by me again. Ever again. Just tell me and I will do it, {your first name}-chan."

"I-I don't want you-"You started to say," I don't want you to do those things..."

That is a lie, you thought, I don't want you to ever stop those things.

Kakashi-sensei slowly removed his arms from you and was about to leave, when you pulled his left arm, making him face you. It's now or never, you thought, I can't allow myself to be the shy person anymore, not if I want Kakashi-sensei to be mine and only mine.

"...Because, Kakashi-chan, I want you to do those things and more. So much more. More than you could ever understand. You have no idea how much I have...I never in a million years would have thought that-"

"That I would want you the way you want me?" Kakashi-chan asked, knowing exactly what you were going to say.

"Yes, yes, and yes!" You couldn't help but smile like an idiot at the man you have loved for so long, "However, I guess that is what I get for saying never. Like the term goes: never say never."

Kakashi-chan and you both laugh and then he picked you up and flanged you onto his bed. He climbed onto you; kissing you all over your body, which sent warm weaves through your whole body. It felt so right to you; him and this.

"I guess now I can mark two out of three on that dare list, Kakashi-chan." You said, while you two wake up in the morning.

Kakashi-chan just kissed you on the lips and hands you the Makeout Paradise books. "No, {your first name}-chan, you can mark all of them off now."

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