Kakashi Hatake X the Reader

This book is all about the reader and Kakashi Hatake or better known has the copy ninja. This is a whole book of imagines. Please let me know if I misspell any words or anything. I want you to be able to read the story and to understand what you are reading.


1. Never Say Never (Part: 1)

Never Say Never (Part: 1)

"{your first name}-chan, it is your turn, truth or dare, my friend?" Ino Yamanaka-chan said to you, when you walked into her bedroom.




Once you looked at her, you saw that she had a wicked glimmer in her eyes, which matched the twisted grin across her features. You loathed that look because it creped you out and it also meant that your friend was up to something.




You blinked, realizing that it was not just Ino-chan looking straight at you; it was also Sakura-chan and Hinata-chan. All three girls were all sitting in a circle on Ino-chan's floor. You didn't know why they were glancing at you like that. Then, you realized what happened; you were so focused on daydreaming about Kakashi-sensei, that you did not hear a word that your friend said.


"What?" You mutter quietly, puzzlement clearly written all over your face," What do you mean, Ino-chan?"




Ino-chan just rotated her eyes at you, and then sat up from the floor. She made you sit down in the miniature circle, and then took her spot back. "It's your turn for truth or dare. Choose one, please."




"I-um," You bite down on your bottom lip." I pick dare...no, I mean truth..."


Ino-chan just shook her head at you, telling you that you made your bed. Once the other two girls saw the looks of both of you, they said that they would go get some food, knowing that things would not go well probably with you and Ino-chan.




"{your first name}-chan, too late, you already selected dare. You can't go back now." Ino-chan's grin grew even broader now." And I have just the right challenge for you. "


"I'm petrified to ask what it is." You said, rolling your (color) eyes.




You knew that you shouldn't have attended this sleepover because it was bad news from the start. The only reason you did show up was because of Sakura-chan and Hinata-chan wanted to see you. Now, because of that tiny decision, you needed to pay the penalty for it and knowing the blond, it would not come easy.




"You have every right to be frightened," She said laughing sharply." You have three choices to pick from; get Kakashi-sensei to take off his mask for you, get him to sleep with you, or steal his books that he loves so much. Select one or all."




You gaped at her, not thinking she would go this low at truth or dare. She-and the two other girls-knew that you have had a vast crush on the white-haired ninja for a very long time now and that you are too shy to say it to him.




I truly loathe this game, you thought, and this girl is crazy.




You selected the last dare because you didn't desire to ask him to take off his mask and you never slept with anyone before. Also, Kakashi-sensei possibly would think that you were foolish if you even tried to sleep with him. Maybe he would flat out decline you on sight, which you really did not want him to do. Ever.





After running for thirty minutes, you finally made it to his residence. You smiled, thankful that he still lived in the same house since he was sixteen-years-old. Looking at the building, you remember that he stayed here because this was the same house he had before his old teammates died.




The house was a little bigger than Ino-chan's home by a couple of feet; it was a two story home, with two windows, and two doors. There was one in the front and the other was in the back of the building. It was not too fancy. The house was just simple; which you liked very much.


You could see that the top window was halfway opened. Looking closely at it for a few seconds, you realize that you could not remember where that window went to; however, you thought that it might lead you to the hallway in Kakashi-sensei's house.




You jumped onto a tree by the window and slowly opened the rest of it. After you closed the window, you then twisted around to see that you were so incorrect; you were not in a hallway at all. No, you were in a bedroom. What was even worse than that reality was you could hear from the bathroom that the shower was just turned off.




You attempted to sprint back to the window, however, before you could open it, the door to the bathroom opened and Kakashi-sensei walked out with just boxers on and no mask on his face.


There was a pause as your eyes met his and you let out a low shriek. When you looked at Kakashi-sensei, he stared at you first with shock to see you than a tiny bit displeased. Making your cheeks go as scarlet as a rose.




One positive point to this was I could scratch off the first challenge from my friend, you thought.

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