Kakashi Hatake X the Reader

This book is all about the reader and Kakashi Hatake or better known has the copy ninja. This is a whole book of imagines. Please let me know if I misspell any words or anything. I want you to be able to read the story and to understand what you are reading.


3. My Daydream of Kakashi Hatake (Part: 1)

My Daydream of Kakashi Hatake (Part: 1)

"{your first name}-Chan! Wake up!" I heard Naruto-Chan yell at me, and then he pushed me off the tree I was sitting on.

When I opened my (color) eyes, I saw that Naruto-Chan and my whole team were looking directly at me. The only one that did not show the emotion of shock nor had a blush on their features was my sensei, Kakashi Hatake.

To be honest, I could not even get a glimpse of his face because he had his stupid Icha-Icha book with him. Kakashi-sensei's eyes didn't look up once to observe what was going on with his students. That is Kakashi-sensei for you; lover of the Makeout Paradise books. Constantly wore that mask on his face and could always lean against a tree without falling on his butt like Naruto-Chan did.

"What did I do now, Naruto-me?" I screamed, standing up from the forest ground, and dusting off any leaves or dirt on my clothing that I could see, "Why the name of Kami, did you do that for? I was just daydreaming! I was not hurting any of you, was I?"

"I, uh, um..." He scratched the back of his neck slowly, and didn't meet the glare that I gave him," You were..."

"I was what? Please, please, Naruto-me. Inform me what I was doing that you had to push me off a tree for!"

At that split second, Kakashi-sensei got up and walked over to us. He put his book away and slowly looked downwards at me. His one visible, dark eye scanned my face and then looked at Naruto-chan.

"What Naruto-Chan is trying to say is that you were moaning someone's name in your daydream that is all." Kakashi-sensei grinned, looking towards Naruto-Chan," Am I correct, Naruto-Chan?"

"Yes-yes, you are right, sir. She was moaning... Someone's name for sure."

"I, um, do not know what to say..." I said, looking down at my feet. I could tell that I was blushing now.

This was not the first time this has happened or the first-time I have gotten caught... This was my third time...

"{your first name}-Chan, I need to talk to you about this. It really does need to stop. This is the third time this has happened: the same person, too, now that I think about it." Kakashi-sensei said, pulling me up from the ground by my forearm.

After Kakashi-sensei and I were far away from the rest of our teammates, I started to experiences anxiousness: I didn't want him to be upset with me and, I really don't want to get into trouble.

"Sensei, I want to apologize for-"

Before I could conclude what I was trying to utter, I felt two arms elevate me up from behind me and then we took off towards the Leaf Village.

"Don't apologize, {your first name}-chan. It's very standard for a seventeen-year-old to have those types of desires and....thoughts." He said, still running through the trees towards our village.

The freezing air hit the areas on me that were bare: making my grip tighten around Kakashi-sensei harder than ever before. I was astonished that he didn't lug away from me for doing this. No, he pulled me closer to his chest, carrying me in his arms.

After twenty minutes went by, I saw where Kakashi-sensei was taking me: to his house that was nearby the woods, yet, far enough that it was silent and serene. I always did adore how breathtaking it was and how gigantic that his home really was.

Kakashi-sensei slowly detached his left arm from beneath me, using it to unlock the front door of his home. He then closed it and started to march down a vast corridor. After a few seconds went by, I shifted my head up to notice that he finally stopped in front of the entrance at the end of the enormous hallway.

I take it back, I thought, I am truly worried and someway happy now.

In an instant, I am heaved onto a queen-sized bed with Kakashi-sensei on top of me. He then takes off the two masks that he always wears. His eyes gleamed down at me, leaning downwards to my earlobe. I could feel his cold breath strike the left side of my head.

He laughed when I punch my arm to see if this was really happening because this felt like one of my crazy dreams coming to life right in front of me.

His hands went to my side, feeling my curves and skin. Kakashi-sensei's hands progressively went to the rim of my chest to my hips: making my body burn and tingle wherever he touched me. After a second went by of this and him looking deeply at me, he then removed my top slowly; probably not wanting this to go too fast because maybe he liked me the way I liked him.

"Kakashi-Kun, I need to talk to you." I heard Guy-sensei's voice says from outside the house." Now, please!"

I grabbed a hold of the bed sheets and closed my eyes shut. I could not believe this! Out of all times, Guy could come over, why now? Why when I was about to get to do what I have wanted for a year now? Why did he have to ruin it for me and Kakashi-Chan?

Kakashi-Chan let out a miniature groan and rolled his eyes, making me realize how cute he looked when he did this. I tried my best to not giggle at his actions. I have always thought that the familiarity between Kakashi and Guy was too amusing. I could never keep a straight face with those two around each other. It just was not possible.

Before he left the room, Kakashi-Chan leaned downwards to my ear and whispered," Do not go anywhere, you hear me? I will get Guy away and I will continue this after."

I smiled to myself after he left. I just could not believe that the copy ninja would ever want me the way I wanted him. Things like this don't happen daily. It is very extraordinary if you ask me.

"I am truly content with my life now..." I said out loud, covering my face with Kakashi-Chan's blanket.


Do you think this is an okay second imagine and chapter? Also, please let me know if you see any mistakes in this chapter or any other. Thank you!

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