Do not mess with -A

Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily haven't heard from -A in two year, is he or she dead or is -A preparing the big finally?


1. The Text

Hanna's P.O.V

Dinner with my best friends is always the best thing to do when your celebrating. Today is exactly 2 year since any of us heard from -A.

We used to think that he or she was planning a big move but now we're all just hoping that motherfucker got hit by a car or something. The texts just stopped coming and we was just surprised at first but now we're just as happy as you can be.

-"I wan't to make a toast for this fantastic year together and this wonderful years ahead of us without -A destroying our life's" Aria said standing up at the table. "I just wish Alison was here to celebrate with us but we all know she's just as happy as we are in Iceland." She lifted her glass and said "for us!"

-"FOR US!!" We all cheered loudly.

After the messages from -A stopped coming Alison just started to get more and more paranoid as the time went by and her dad decided that it was time for her to move as far away from Rosewood as possible and I recommended Iceland. We all miss her but we know it's for the best.

Spencer's P.O.V

-"Guys I'm just gonna go to the bathroom, alright." I said as an excuse to leave the table. As soon I was out of sight I rushed to the bathroom and as I fell onto my knees I started vomiting uncontrollably. Toby and I had been trying to get a baby for a while now and I just didn't think it would work before now. When I was done I just flushed and went out from the bathroom when I got a text. I reached my phone In my backpocket and I opened the text. It said "Congrats Spence, perfect timing for a party right? -A" I read it slowly and it all went black.

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