Do not mess with -A

Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily haven't heard from -A in two year, is he or she dead or is -A preparing the big finally?


8. Something to die for

Spencer's P.O.V


-"Spencer is that you!??" Alison asked surprised.

-"Yeah Ali it's me" I said.

"The girls are here too"

-"Why are you calling me at this time, is something wrong?" She asked, sounding concerned.

-"Well yeah, terribly wrong actually.....I didn't want to tell you this over phone but -A is back Ali."

-"I know, but -A never left, I tried to tell you but since -A wanted me gone she let you think that I was crazy so my dad would send me away."

-"OMG Ali, we're soooo sorry, how could we fall for that."

-"It's okey Spence, you couldn't possibly have known."

-"We need your help Ali."

-"I know and that's why I'm moving back to Rosewood. Back to you guys. I already have a ticket and I'll be down there in a few days all right?"

-"How did you know?"

-"-A told me."

*A few days later*

Hanna's P.O.V

We hadn't seen Ali in a year now and -A were bringing us together again, no matter if we wanted it or not! The girls and I were sitting in my living room when the door opened and Ali stepped inside.

-"Did you miss me?"

-"Aliiii!" We all yelled when she stepped inside the room and dropped her bags on the floor to go hug us.

-"Ofcourse we missed you Ali!" Emily said, embracing her in a more then friendly hug.

We all sat down in my kitchen and told Alison the story of the things that recently had happened and she told us about -A's sick game she had been a part of for the last 2 years. Spencer told Ali about her pregnancy and the whole night was spent talking about -A. Alison was going to live in my house for a few weeks until she was ready to move into her new home. Everyone had now left the house and Alison was upstairs getting ready for bed. I was downstairs doing the dishes when i heard a scream from the guest-room.

I rushed upstairs to find Alison staring at the bed and the bedspreads laying on the floor.

-"Alison! What's wrong!?" I yelled at her. But she didn't say a word. Then she lifted her hand and pointed on the bed.

The bed was filled with dirt and mud. Written in mud was also a message.

"You should get used to it. A surprise to die for is coming your way. -A"


Hi guys! It's been a while since I updated and I'm sorry for that. I've had some stuff going on and It made it hard to update. I really hope you like this chapter and I will be trying to update ASAP!❤️❤️❤️

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