Do not mess with -A

Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily haven't heard from -A in two year, is he or she dead or is -A preparing the big finally?


6. One big family

Hanna's P.O.V

It's been 2 days and Spencer hasn't told us what -A texted her yet! She told us she had some things to deal with first and she had been out of town yesterday. She also told us that her and Toby also got a text when they were talking and that she would tell us what this was all about when the time was right. We were all at my house. Both me, the girls, Toby, Ezra and Caleb. Ezra and Aria had been taking a relationship break for a couple of weeks now but Spencer thought he should hear this to! The awkward silence had been resting over us for quite a while now and I was starting to get really frustrated!

-"Sooo...Are you gonna tell us what's going on Spence?!" I finally said sounding irritated.

-"Ok, me and Toby has something to tell you guys...It has to do with us being out of town yesterday." Spencer said sounding quite concerned. "We kind of have been trying actively to get a baby lately and it has been working out quite well actually!" She said with a not too happy smile on her lips.

-"Wait a minute......Your pregnant Spence?" Aria threw out of her sometimes to big mouth.

-"Well...yeah I am!" She said smiling and grabbing Toby's hand. "The doctors confirmed it yesterday when we went to a appointment in Phillis."

-"Is that what -A talked about?! He threatened your child?!" I yelled while figuring it out.

-"Yeah he or she did" She said looking sadly down at her hand holding Toby's.

She told us exactly everything that had went down the last few days from start to ending and we all just sat down and listened. Ezra told us that he would be helping us as a friend even if he wasn't together with Aria at this point and me and Caleb assured Spencer that we would keep an eye on everything through some security cameras we promised to install at her house.

-"Thank you guys for all of this" Spencer said sounding really greatfull.

-"That's what friends is for Spence. But we're not only friends....We're family, and family stick together." Emily answered her.

*Beep Beep*

This time is was my phone buzzing and I read the text outload.

"Fjölskyldan stafur saman. A happy family with one more on the way. Maybe we need to make one go away? -A"

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