Do not mess with -A

Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily haven't heard from -A in two year, is he or she dead or is -A preparing the big finally?


3. Hospital

Aria's P.O.V

Spencer had been sleeping for hours when she finally woke up after the accident. She had hit her head against the wall when she fell and she ended up with a small concussion. She hadn't said a word in 45 mins.

-"What happened?" She finally said.

-"You fainted Spence." Emily said with a sad looking face. "You hit your head against the wall and you lost a lot of blood. You didn't have a pulse Spencer." She continued with her eyes watering.

-"Em did CPR on you for 2 mins before you woke up Spence." Hanna said before anyone had the chance to tell her themselves.

-"The doctors have no idea why you fainted in the first place since your vitals were okey." I said trying to sound calm.

-"I know why..." She said slowly. "I got a text"

-"From who Spencer?!" Hanna yelled.

-"From -A"

We looked at each other. We all stood quiet when we all heard that familiar sound.

*Beep Beep*

We all checked our phones and prepared ourselves for the message that would change it all.

"That's right bitches. I'm back and it won't be pretty. -A"


I maybe will write one more chapter today and I wanna thank u guys for supporting.❤️❤️❤️

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