Do not mess with -A

Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily haven't heard from -A in two year, is he or she dead or is -A preparing the big finally?


5. Baby

Spencer's P.O.V

Present time

-"What did the text say Spence?" Emily asked with her usual worried expression.

-"I can't tell you, I need to speak to Toby first. He has to know something!" I answered her.

In that exact moment the door swung open and Toby rushed inside and caught me in a warm hug.

-"Babe, are you alright?" He whispered quietly into my ear.

-"Yeah I'm fine Toby." I whispered back. "I need to tell you something." I said as he released me from his gentle grip.

I gave Hanna a gaze and they all left the room, all except Toby. He sat down on the side of the bed, holding my hand in a tight grip and looking me right into my eyes. I needed to tell him.

"Toby, I'm scared." I finally said.

-"Don't be Spence, I'm here for you no matter what." He said, still looking me in the eyes.

-"Toby....I'm pregnant." I said with the words slipping right out of my mouth.

-"Spencer....That's wonderful news, I don't know what to say... Were you scared I wouldn't want the baby or..."

-"Toby... -A is back" I interrupted him.

-"What?! No -A died remember!" He said releasing my hand as he stood up.

-"We never knew for sure, it was only a guess." I said trying to calm him down. "I do want that baby Toby but I don't know if I can handle both being pregnant and be haunted by -A at the same time."

-"You shouldn't have to, I will protect my family! I won't let -A hurt the ones I love!"

*Beep Beep*

Toby reaches and grabs my phone as fast as he can and reads the message.

"Oh sweet Toby. Good choice of keeping that baby. I do need a new doll to play with, -A"


Thank you soooo much for reading my fanfictions! I said In the commentsection that I would do at least 2 chapters today but unfortunately I was only able to do one today. But guys I will make it up to you! More chapters comes tomorrow! Love you guys❤️❤️❤️

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