Head and Heart (Sci-fi Week Version)

My name is Taryn Lykos, and this is how my battle ends.

(This was originally for Project Remix, but I republished it for the sci-fi week competition.)


1. In the Beginning

At first, there was no segregation. Blood. Origin. Birth. None of it mattered; such minute differences could never toss you into an endless pit of abuse.

And yet human beings cannot get through their lives, it seems, without somebody to blame. So they blamed those from foreign nations who 'stained the purity of their country', and the insults started. Each was like a drop of rain - completely harmless alone. But then the drizzle of disrespect became a downpour of intolerance. Bullying and street fights stemmed from rivers of hatred, and that was when the names came in. Lowblood. Pureblood. Like nothing mattered but whether or not your ancestors' blood was untainted. Like you were defined solely by nationality. Like only one country was capable of birthing genuine human beings.

What happened next was impossibly, fatally sudden - like water exploding from a dam after infinite sheets of rain. Three Lowbloods, a bomb, a Pureblood building. Almost instantly, the hateful floods of Pureblood retaliation washed away our rights with myriad laws; plundered lives in tsunamis of animosity. We were left stranded with two options. We could allow their ocean of prejudice to drown us, or we could battle against it.

My name is Taryn Lykos, and this is how my battle ends.

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