Too Much *Ariana Grande & Dylan O'Brien*

Ariana Grande the biggest pop star used to be best friends with Dylan O'Brien till that night.


1. Prolouge

Sometimes the light and camera’s are too much for one person who’s already lost in the world. That’s the thing for Ariana Grande, she has everything but how about the boy who’s sat around helping her all the way. Dylan O’Brien.


They’ve been friends since preschool days, living only a few blocks away from one another was the best years of their lives. Since Ariana wanted to venture out to LA for a career in acting, nothing was going to prepare them for the heart break that come along the way. Nobody could see the pair away from each other for very long, but some years past then they meet once again at the Grammy’s while she’s in a relationship with rapper Big Sean.

But deep down inside they knew they really needed each other better or for worse.


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