Too Much *Ariana Grande & Dylan O'Brien*

Ariana Grande the biggest pop star used to be best friends with Dylan O'Brien till that night.


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I have something to say guys!? Ariana Grande preformed on my birthday back in February but i didn't get to go sadly! Now i shall present a second chapter of Too Much. The them song is Too Much by Drake :)


Taking my time into the house with so many bags from shopping with Frankie. Dropping the bags on the ground getting out my phone to text back Dylan, it's been a month since the Grammys and i'm glad to have him back in my life. We hanged out just a few nights ago at his place with Tyler who’s just the greatest guy ever.


Sean seems to be fine with everything and am grateful for him to understand me more then assuming things.


“So what's up with Dylan and you?!”


“Nothing much just talked a few things out, and we are the just friends don't want to like about him like that anymore since Sean and me are getting serious each day. What if Holton came back into your life huh he was your first love.”


Holton was such a long story but he basically broke brother Frankie’s heart about a few months ago. But Frankie told me about this new guy that seems like the real deal kina like Sean and myself. Shaking my brother a litte bit giggling then winking towards him.


“Fill me in about Damen and you he seems so better than Holton such a sleeze ball to break my brother’s heart.”

“We are still talking which is good, but I'm still kinda stuck on Holton he kinda reached to me just last week didn't I tell you but Damen is such a great dude that makes me get in my feels but have you seen Justin Bieber lately what-a stud we have.”


Oh god not Justin! He is the impediment of breaking girl’s heart but he is my greatest friends! I went to his Never Say Never movie premier back when it came out. Till this day the movie sits with my other movie collections.


Justin and me take the most weirdest faces ever when we see each other now a days. Speaking of him he has been doing good which is great to feel at peace that he’s not messing up! Like when Obama  and many others wanted to deport him and remove his green card that was crazy. Slipping on some slippers with batman logo on the front side then flicking on the tv that soo happened to be on MTV. Dylan was plastered over the screen with myself in his arms at the red carpet.


“Me and Ariana go way back to Flordia! But she wanted to fulfill her dreams of acting which kinda sucked for me but since that night at the grammy we have been talking more than ever. Nah I am not jealous of her relationship with rapper Big Sean, i'm happy that she is happy with who she wants to be with!”


Placing a hand over my heart feeling sappy over what Dylan said! He is just the sweetest when he dated that Brittney from one of his movies I was super happy for him also. Frankie does this ‘mmm hmm whatever’ look from the side. Throwing a big white pillow at him laughing “Bro don't make that face now that's true friendship.”


“That's so you Ariana, now make me some of that famous Ariana Grande pasta from the heart. Momma would be so proud of you haha!”


Getting up doing a cartwheel in my leggings and mint green PINK sweater from awhile ago. Dancing along the way as Give It To You bu Robin Thicke comes over from Frankie’s music. Kendrick Lamar parts play making me getting in the groove it is a weird song but I like it. It’s Robin Thicke so what's not to like! Just as i'm making the pasta my phone goes off with Nicki Minaj Beez in a trap, I look down to see Sean was calling me.


“Hey there handsome, what's up”


“Nothing much just came to ask how your week was going??”


“It was great did some cool things nothing too much, gotta go cooking pasta for Frankie’s bitch ass self! Yeah that's right you heard that Franks!” I yell aiming towards Frankie getting a middle finger with a “cunt” added to it.


“Ha! sounds good, talk to you later love you baby!” Telling him my sweet goodbyes then placing it down continuing to make creamy pasta with white chicken how else could this day get better for me. Sitting at the table with Frankie texting back a few people including Dylan who is cracking so much jokes that are just too cheesy. He wants to come with him tomorrow for some filming for Teen Wolf which is gonna be great. Next time it better be Scorch Trails the second installment of the Maze Runner.


That wasn't till next week he was gonna be doing some of the final screens. I'm kinda really happy to be hanging out with him once again this week.


Booger O’Brien: I'm not too fond with how you get to have pasta and I don't what kind of shit it tht Ariana!?!?!


Ariana: Ooh whatever Booger if you would stop complaining then you could drive your butt here for some, then stay over if you want not that hard this 2015 not 1999 bruh get it together!


Booger O’Brien: Don't you fucking bruh me! I’ll crap on your floor XD never mind that for your dogs deez, nuts, got em’.


Ariana: My dogs would not like that asshole, imma get my dogs on you cause that was such a lame ass joke,


ArianaGrande: Watch out for yo bro @DylanO’Brien he asking for a beat down p.s. he said he’s crap on my floor #nastyasf


    Reply from: @DylanO’Brien: Darnn right i said that! You can’t tell me to drive to you house when I'm already there idiot #whatasleazeball watch out for yo girl Ariana!!! XD


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