Too Much *Ariana Grande & Dylan O'Brien*

Ariana Grande the biggest pop star used to be best friends with Dylan O'Brien till that night.


2. Chapter 1

Ariana Grande pov


Coming out for the concert in California, the room starts to comes explodes with screams from all the fans here for me! Starting out with Breaking free, while I see my boyfriend Sean cheering me on with his mom who’s just the sweetest. Ever since my big move to LA things were in the best times but I had to risk leaving my best friend Dylan O’Brien yes the handsome young man who plays Stiles on Teen Wolf. It’s been tough to see him for a few years but never really got a call after awhile.


Getting in the groove for my fans who are just awesome to me! “Hello LA you ready for the show!” I say into the all white microphone, “Alright lets get to work”

After many songs later the concert seems to come to an end. Pulling out my phone to see a sweet little reminder that my Teen Wolf marathon would be coming on really soon, I have the MTV app thing so I can easily watch it on tour. Suddenly a pair of hands go around me turning around wrapping my arms around Sean pecking his lips.


“You did beyond amazing, baby!” Smiling then get a flashback of Dylan telling me I did amazing at my talent show in high school. Looking in his brown eyes, then pinches his cheeks.


“Thanks Sean! I'm ready to go haha”


I watch a good hour of Teen Wolf with a big old plot twist, of course my favorite character by the name Stiles was on lol. It was hard not to text Dylan over some social media or something but he seems like he doesn't wanna talk to me since that night. We really liked each other when I left for LA he gave the best going away present a kiss. I clearly thought it was the real deal when I was about 16 or so but he just screwed me over for some other girl. Dylan and me haven't talked since then I wanna work things out to become best friends again.


ArianaGrande: La was beyond amazing you guys are the best!!!! much love hope to continue doing this for a long time :)


Sometimes Dylan would like some of status on twitter which i'm on all the time. Then a picture of Sean and I that he took was his new profile picture, then took my time to stalk over fan’s accounts, etc. Watching some videos and stuff getting lost in the world of you tube, Loanothony is just the cutest i swear to the mankind that kid makes my day better.


Picking up some clothes off the floor of the tour bus never really liked the bus. Would of preferred some jet or something to travel that those could mess up anytime #nevertrusttechology but i was going to get to go home for the grammys. Nobody was gonna tell me different because I love those award show like all the make up and stuff is a girl’s dream come true well for me of course.





I walked down the red carpet with Sean taking tons of pictures for the thousandths time. Of course we had fun doing them, then I see the hair that swifts up was close by us with his co stars. Dylan smiles as he holds Tyler Posey for a bro picture which was kinda funny to watch, telling Sean I had to introduce myself. He talked to some interviewer, then I look at the brown eyed cutie who was my best friend at one point.


Putting my arms out getting the biggest hug ever known to man! Giggling as Dylan twirls me around with everybody seeing this, he puts me down then holds my hand smiling.


“Can’t believe i'm right next to you Ariana!”


“Could say the same about you Dylan...I missed you soo much really it was hard not to message you all those times just thought we werent ready to talk yet.”


Dylan grows a sour look then pats my head “Never in a million years Ariana your my best friend and thats a guranted reason, I’ve been busy after you left I graduated high school then went into acting business also.”


Sharing a few more words before taking my seat with Sean. He knows about Dylan and I’s friendship, and how we basically lost touch for the longest time! We notice that Dylan is kinda by us, well mostly I do since Sean in more focused on the show. Waving towards him a wave, smile taking in eveyrhint he looked so cute can't take my eyes off him to be honest.


After the show is over, I take this moment to talk to Dylan once again. Tapping on his shoulder “Hey Ariana, must say that show was breath taking once more!”


“Haha your super cheesy as always Dylan, I came to get your number so we can stay in touch”


Dylan pulls out his Iphone then I laugh telling him my number, punchin him in the arm “Hey hey don't touch the menchise girl”


“Whatever, I gotta go see you around O’Brien”


“Give Dylan some Grande hugs cause they are the best”


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