My Last Breath

The reality of death.


1. I am Proud to be a Muslim

                                                                 I'm proud to be a Muslim.....

I'm proud to be a Muslim

I as a Muslim do not depend on others in this world 


your shadow will leave you in darkness

But I do depend on myself

 On Allah (The most merciful and beneficent.) 

My Allah thanks for everything you have given me and for giving me...

I am proud to be a Muslim

I know that this world is prison for believers and paradise for disbelievers

I'm Muslim a true follower of Islam

Islam is perfect but I'm not so if I make mistakes do not blame Islam

Just blame me...... 

I am a Muslim and cannot lose my hopes because when one door of happiness closes the second one opens for us 

But if we can't see it just because we are crying in front of first door....

I am a Muslim

But not a terrorist because Islam teaches us humanity first......

Not all Muslim women who wear hijab are terrorist.

We should be curious but no judgemental.

I am Muslim and hijab is my pride.

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