Good For You - Shawn Mendes

Tiffany Thomas and Shawn Mendes against the world but when he gets leaves for the 1989


1. Good For You - Shawn Mendes Fanfiction

Good For You ( A Shawn Mendes Fanfiction)



The young girl with the extremely long curly hair with a taste of a bit of a adventure, her name was Tiffany Thomas. Her best friend Shawn Mendes have been dealing with each other for about a few years since the 6th grade when she moved to, Canada being her mom died turning to many different things, she was still lost in the world.


Pulling that curly hair in a high ponytail, while looking in the mirror one last time. Her big plump lips had daring red lipstick, and her eyelashes stood out for the most part. It was only a school day but she loved wearing lipstick for the time since it mad Tiffany have this tough girl look.


Whipping down the stairs to find nobody downstairs besides her dog named Kenny who was the cutest. bending down to give her daily loving to the medium sized brown furred dog who has been there for her since a little kid. “Hey there Kenny, I’ll see you after school buddy I think Shawn should be here hows that sound!?”


Kenny jumps up and down making Tiffany smile brightly before licking her face all over. Patting the dog’s head then locking up the house so nobody would sneak in and steal all the stuff inside, she didn't want all the nice stuff all she wanted was for her father to be home once in awhile. Sure, it happens sometimes but not all the time since he was working at some Law Firm wasn't very much time to spend together. Making her way down the street to meet up with Shawn Mendes, pulling her cardigan over her tank top that laid underneath it. Seeing Shawn’s jeep sitting outside the house that has been their best days ever since the 6th grade.


Knocking on the door to meet eyes with Aaliyah who’s just the cutest! Waving to the 13 year old sister of Shawn’s who bugs the crap out of her big brother. Then from all the way up the stairs is Shawn who’s grabbing half his stuff for school today.


“Good Morning Tiffany.” Shawn lies eyes on the light skinned girl who he is crushing on real hard.


“Morning Shawnie Boy, let’s roll out.” Since Aaliyah is smart for her age she is a freshman, while Tiffany and Shawn are Juniors this would be the year that changes everything for the two. Getting in their normal spots in the all black car Jeep, listening to the radio with all the new hits that had everybody in the town jamming out to.


Ed Sheeran plays throughout the car as the three go to school. Everybody kinda went on their ways nothing too big, but Tiffany didn't like really being without Shawn. He was the favorite person in her life right now, besides Kenny and Aaliyah who made her super happy with her tough life.


Tiffany writes her name in clean, non sloppy totally girl handwritten on the top of the American World History worksheet. Just then Shawn walks in with Lauren another friend of his, now as you can tell Tiffany was very jealous of the long haired girl who was everything Shawn wanted. Everybody got to work in an instance, that’s the class that she actually enjoyed including music class where she could sing and play the piano.




Shawn sat in his name dabbling on his most prized possession ever. His guitar. He was in love with Ed Sheeran’s music but he decided on Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson just to have a more open mind with all the family stuff. “Shawn...dinner should be ready in about 20 minutes!” Yells his mom from all the down the stairs, and his best friend comes in with both headphones both in listening to what seemed like some rap song. Sitting next to himself and pulls out both to smile at him, “Hey, Shawn just thought i’d come over for a bit you know.”


“Ooh thats fine with me I enjoy spending time with you alot though, so what you listening too to be honest it sounds good from the beat?!”


“It’s Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj ft Beyonce my favorite song right now! Wanna hear it” *AN I love that song soo much like its hard not to like it*


Nodding his head then puts the left on in and nodding his head with the song playing. Singing along to the song that wasn't really his style but he was inlove with Nicki Minaj also including Beyonce who doesn’t?


“So how was the beautiful’s day at school?” Shawn winks at the light skinned girl


“It went pretty good for a day at school you know! how about you social butterfly wanna fill me in on all of the details with Lauren!!”


Everybody knew Shawn and Lauren had something going on. Even though it kinda broke Tiffany’s heart she would do anything to make Shawn happy even if it meant him getting his dream girl.


“Nothing really happened, just kinda wanna ask her out to prom since i wont be on tour for a while.”


“That’s good, Nobody has asked me to prom yet so yeah!” Anybody could see the hurt in her eyes seeing him going for Lauren. Ever since them having a real friendship in sixth since the last person that she trusted started to be a great big jerk to her leaving in the dust, while Shawn sticked around to leave a undying impression on the young girl.


This is the first chapter so it's boring for the most part, i'm excited to be writing my first ever full on Shawn Mendes solo fanfic instead of an Magcon one which is basically over for the most part, I love the idea of them having some people tryna bring it back but lets face it won’t be the same :-( So tell me what you think in comment section of this new story from the heart!

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