Mixtape // 5sos \\ Discontinued (momentarily)

"Here, listen to this"

"What is this?"

"It's a mixtape. It says all the things I never had the courage to"


6. 6. Jail

Calum opened his eyes wearily, a pain shooting through his back.

He looked around, confused as to why him, Michael and Luke were sprawled across a small, bare room

He turned around and his heart dropped when he realised they were in a holding cell.

"Whats going on?" He heard a familiar voice say.

"Ashton?" Calum asked, getting up and turning around.

"Yeah, I'm here to break you guys out!" Ashton exclaimed loudly, waking Michael and Luke up.

"Really?" Calum asked doubtfully.

"Nah, Michael rang me earlier to pick you guys up" He explained a cheery grin on his face.

Luke yawned, stretching and getting up, he outstretched his hand and pulled Calum up.

"Michael?" Luke called.

Michael yawned and rolled over, his arms spread out as he started to fall asleep again.

Calum rolled his eyes, but he couldn't help but laugh.

"How can he fall back asleep in a prison cell?" Calum chuckled and Michael groaned loudly getting up and following them out.


"How did we end up in jail anyway?" Luke wondered aloud.

The policeman who had let them out just informed them it was a minor offence, but they were on a warning.

"Don't you guys remember?" Calum asked 

"No, what happened?"Luke responded

"Oh, I dunno, I was hoping you guys would" Calum replied with a laugh.

"Fortunately for you guys" Michael butted in, throwing his arms around them "I remember".


Calum laid in bed that night, his thoughts racing as he tried to remember anything about the girl he had spent last night with.

​His phone buzzed and he grabbed his phone, wondering who could be texting him.

"Meet me in the park" The text read.

Calum knew it was stupid to go out in the middle of the night but he had a good feeling about it.

He threw on a nearby hoodie and shoved his feet in his vans, throwing open the window and climbing across to the tree that reached out to his room.

He slid down the tree trunk and made his way to the park, not entirely sure that was the right location.


Rose sat on the bench by the entrance waiting patiently for Calum to show up. She hadn't been drinking last night and her and Jasmine had got away when the police caught them toilet papering.

A tall figure came into the park and Rose's heart raced as he came and sat beside her.

"Hey" She whispered, and Calum turned to face her.

"Do I know you?"







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