Mixtape // 5sos \\ Discontinued (momentarily)

"Here, listen to this"

"What is this?"

"It's a mixtape. It says all the things I never had the courage to"


4. 4. Caffeine

Later that evening as Calum, Luke and Michael headed to the party Calum was left to question what on earth he was doing there.
He could barely keep his eyes open and as he made his way to the kitchen, he wondered whether there was any coffee that he could drink in an effort to not be the first to fall asleep.

Calum pushed his way through the ever growing crowd of teenagers and made his way into the kitchen.
He rummaged through the kitchen cupboards, throwing out empty beer cans left, right and centre.
He was aware that he was probably going to hit someone soon, but all his blood thirsty, no, caffeine thirsty mind could care about was caffeine!
"Hey, watch out!" Someone grumbled and Calum yawned loudly, maybe on purpose. Maybe not.
"Sorry" Calum muttered.
"What are you even doing it? Isn't it a bit early to start tidying up?" The person behind asked and Calum could hear the sarcasm rolling off them in tidal waves.
"Just, looking for some caffeine, I'm a bit tired" Calum replied, although everyone could see it was an understatement.
"Bottom right corner" The voice behind him suggested and then added
"I'll have a cup too"

Calum turned around to look at who was speaking to him. 

Stood behind, with a smirk on her face was Rose Waters. Of course Calum didn't know that, all he knew was that he was talking to the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his whole 18 years of life.

Rose blushed slightly, not realising the person she had been speaking to was even more good looking than she could have ever hoped.
"I said, I'll have a cup too" She repeated and Calum raised his eyebrows.
"No sugar"

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