Mixtape // 5sos \\ Discontinued (momentarily)

"Here, listen to this"

"What is this?"

"It's a mixtape. It says all the things I never had the courage to"


2. 2. Neighbourhood

Calum sat in the back of his class with his hood up, slouched forward, using his desk as a hard, uncomfortable pillow. His eyelids drooped and yet again he questioned why school started so early. And why his first class on a Friday morning just had to be Maths.

"Hey, Calum....Calum...Hood!" His best friend Luke said while shaking him in an attempt to wake him up.

"He's, like, out cold" Luke whispered to Michael, his other best friend who was sat on the other side of him.

"Leave him then, it's only maths" Michael replied and Calum began snoring lightly.

"Okay, scratch that. We'll just poke him really hard"


Just a few streets away, in a different school Rose sat in the same position, her hood up, her friends desperate to wake her to, to stop her light snores interrupting the class.

Calum and Rose were both usually light sleeper, but last night there was a break-in in their neighbourhood and neither got to sleep until early in the morning.

It seemed that as well as a love for similar music, they also lived in the same neighbourhood.

But, sadly, after 18 years they still hadn't met and it seemed they never would. Until of course, they both get invited to the same party that night.

And they both look for peace in the same room.

And they both lay down in the same bed. 

And they both fall asleep beside each other.





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