The fist fighter

I moved to Australia for the summer and I'm stuck babysitting my brats of a half brother and sister half of the time. Then I meet Luke. Can I help him change?


1. Chapter One

I walked through to the kitchen to see Mom talking to someone on the phone. I wasn't exactly wanting to know who she was talking to but I edged past her to make myself a drink.

"Yeah she's here" Mom eyed me suspiciously as though I was seven years old and was up to something.

If its another great aunt or Grandpa who you can literally feel his spit even though he lives three miles down road.

"Rae, its your Dad" Mom passed the phone to me but I just looked at it.

"I don't want to" I hissed pouring juice into my glass.

"You have to. He wants to talk to you" Mom glared at me. I sighed, defeated and put the phone to my ear and tried to sound somewhat cheerful.

"Hey Dad" I said.

"Hey Rae! I was wondering, how would you like to spend the summer here? I'm sure you would like to meet my family won't you?" Dad sounded really happy and HOPEFUL. I looked at Mom who had heated every single word. She nodded at me still glaring at me.

"Uh sure" I gave my Mom a look and wished that it was great uncle Martin's birthday or Aunt Muriel's anniversary. But no. I was stuck.

My Dad said he would call me later so I hung up.

"Oh Mom do I have to?" I moaned as soon as the call ended.

"Yes you do it will be good for you. Besides you haven't seen your Dad since he-" Mom started but I rolled my eyes.

"Nearly killed me when I was seven. Then he fucked off with that slut and had two little brats" I spat.

"Rae, calm down and please don't swear. Especially in front of your father. God knows how he'd react" Mom said.

"Probably beat me up. Again" I mumbled under my breath.

"Stop being miserable" Mom said.

"How can I not be miserable. I'm going to live with an ex-hooker, two snotty nose kids and an abusive Dad-"

"Maybe he's changed Rae"

"Besides, I had plans for this summer" I begged.

"Rae. Stop being stupid. He's your Dad. You are going" Mom said.

"But I don't want to!" I said defensively.

"Face it, your going to Australia" Mom walked out leaving me alone while she went shopping.

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