One Body Two Spirits

I am Two-Spirited (LGBT)... I am a split personality (like Jekyll and Hyde)... I am slightly autistic (aspergers)... We are human just like you... This poetry book explores the true story of the author and is told through inspiration and meant to enlighten as well as encourage. I am constantly inspired by the movies I watch and wish to share my story through the eyes of others in order to welcome you into my world. I hope this touches at least one person's heart.


1. One Body Two Spirits

My name is DH

I am the man nobody sees

My name is AJ

I am the woman everybody perceives

My parents call me their little girl

But they don't know that I am also their son

My friends try to recognize him

But she is all they see when the day is done

Sometimes I hate myself so much I want to hurl

Every night I lay down in my bed and come undone

She thought that if she had a man no one would question her

He tries to chase women to make him feel like a man

He weighs her down making it harder to keep the disguise

She suppresses his manhood and won't let him be

AJ protects DH from their family because it's him they would despise

But not her, they love their little girl

So he stays hidden underneath her fake façade

He prays that one day he can talk to God

Why would you create me then put me in this body

This house can never be a home if I can't show up on my own

I'm sorry, did you run out of bodies when you made me or am I just a mistake

Two different babies in the womb that never got a chance to separate

Born into a world of hate

Grandma can you hear me up there

God put her on the phone

She would never judge me

But does she still care

Without her here I feel so alone

Oh DH, she never knew you

I was the perfect little granddaughter

Why would she talk to someone that doesn't exist

Shut up AJ

You know better than anyone that I'm not going anywhere

Face it

You would be nothing without me

That's something even a blind man can see

DH is dominant but can never be completely seen

AJ knows that it's a dangerous world so she hides him

Shelters him from the cold

Protects him from the mean

He knows that few, if any, would understand

But still, he wants to be acknowledged

Like the nod of a head or the shake of a hand

So out of place in a body that is not his own

Yes, he knows he is not alone

Yet the mirror on the wall mocks him still the same

Haha you are a girl

Mommy's little cutie


You can never get the girl because you are one

She needs a man, not a pussy faggot


Remember when you decided to cut your hair and wear a hat

Remember what your mommy said


Let me remind you


It goes a little something like this

Please Don't!

That hat makes you look like a man

Only she didn't mean it in a good way, did she

Why are you doing this?!

Don't cut it too short

Please don't say it!

I don't want my daughter looking like a butch lesbian

That's not right

It's not natural

Please stop! You're hurting me!

That's not even the worst thing she said

I'm begging you! Please don't go there!

When you made a really big mistake

They were both mad at their little girl

Stop it!

But she crossed a line, didn't she

And on Christmas Eve of all days

I don't want to hear this! Please please stop!

Why don't you just sell your body to men

Go be a slut for money

Are you happy now?! Why are you hurting me?!

Go ahead and smash me

I'm just a mirror

A reflection of YOU

The question is why are YOU saying these things

Man up

Grow a pair

Oops I forgot

You can't

You're right

I can't

But I can try

Try to what?!

Accept myself

Before I self-destruct

Thanks for the words of encouragement

My name is DH

I am the man nobody sees

My name is AJ

I am the woman everybody perceives

I am two spirits trapped in one body

I guess it's true what they say

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

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