One Body Two Spirits

I am Two-Spirited (LGBT)... I am a split personality (like Jekyll and Hyde)... I am slightly autistic (aspergers)... We are human just like you... This poetry book explores the true story of the author and is told through inspiration and meant to enlighten as well as encourage. I am constantly inspired by the movies I watch and wish to share my story through the eyes of others in order to welcome you into my world. I hope this touches at least one person's heart.


2. For The First Time In Forever Just Let It Go

My name is DH

I am the man nobody sees

My name is AJ

I am the woman everybody perceives

I am two spirits trapped in one body

I guess it's true what they say

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

DH (Male Spirit) In Elsa's Point Of View:

I remember everything clearly and vividly

I remember everything too well

I was a danger to you and I always have been

They taught me to fear myself

They forced me into hiding my feelings

The only thing I ever learned was that as long as I was numb I could never feel the pain

The pain of death and disappointment

The pain of shame and regret

The pain of reality and rejection

I kept my distance from you in order to protect you

You were loved and needed

You will always be loved and needed

So I hid to protect you

I hide out of fear

When you told me you loved him I snapped

How could you love someone you just met

I had to come out to keep you from that mistake

Once I was out I panicked and ran

I needed distance from you

I thought that as long as we were apart you could live without me

And I was free........for awhile but not forever

I could not escape the fear

I spent so much time trying to protect you

When it was I who needed protection most

I needed you

But I spent all my time fighting myself

Fighting you

Pushing you away

Until I realized how much you sacrifice every day

You would die to let me live

But I need you here with me

We belong


AJ (Female Spirit) In Anna's Point Of View:

Somehow we had fun together

Somehow we could be ouselves together around the ones we loved

Somehow you knew they hated you

Somehow you knew to hide

I did not understand what they sheltered me from

I always felt that a part of me was missing

I was stuck inside

But I was left on the outside

While grieving through a funeral

I needed you to help me through it

But you locked the door and stayed isolated

Leaving me to toughen up for the sake of the others

I had to be strong to get the others through it

I never got the validation of love from  you

So I looked for it in others

I had no one to lean on

So I clung to him but you did not approve

I could not understand at first

But now I see clearly

All those years you were fighting with yourself

Hiding to protect me

But you cannot keep me safe

That is not your burden to bear

I would die to let you live

But the truth is that you need me here with you

We belong 


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