Love and Lust

The passion and excitement in the begining of all relationships push this romance in high gear. Knowing the odds they wouldnt last they loved anyway.


1. The Meet



                       She was circling the block for a place to park in what she was hoping was her new apartment! Her first one, on her own, ready to take on the world apartment. Finding a spot around the corner she pulls over, parks, gathers her thoughts and pops out of the car. Walking up to the office window she sees a man standing there asking what he could do for her. Being a writer, words, lots of words entered her mind. Smiling she says "Hopefully showing me my new apartment." He smiles back reaching out to shake her hand and said "I sure can, are you the "Miss Samantha" I've been waiting for? Laughing I say "Sure if I like the apartment" as they walk down the hallway to her door.

                   He turns in front of the door facing her and smiles shaking the keys asking her if she wants to open the door. She slides the keys from his hand thrilled that she might be opening the door to her own place and slides the key in the door. She closes her eyes as she opens the door peeking out of one eye. Seeing beautiful hardwood floors, open living room into the dining room with a beautiful hutch built in she was thrilled. She jumped up and down smiling and laughing so happy that this could be home. This man jumping up and down and laughing along with her being just as happy as she is insisted she see the rest of the place. 

                   He walks her down a small hallway to a door on the left opening it to what he said could be her room, pointing out all the basics. Walking her through the bathroom, and second bedroom he said could be for overnight guests. Pointing out that he lived next door to her and that could too be a bonus. She smiled at him, thinking hes hinting around, she says "I could see me living here." She takes one last look around and says to him, "As a matter of fact, I think Ill take it." He smiles acting like hes very happy to hear that, saying there's some paperwork to fill out and she can take her keys.

                As he hands her a paper to sign, she feels him brush against her hand every now and then, then, when handing her the last sheet of the lease to sign as he brushes his hand against hers, he holds it there...touching her hand. She realizes hes still touching her hand as she looks up meeting his glance their eyes meet and hold a stare. She didn't want to look away, but it was starting to get awkward so she turns her head, saying she cant wait to start moving in, he stands up to shake her hand and says he couldn't wait either.

                 Getting outside to her car around the corner she calls her best friend Cindy. Cindy promised to help her move when she got her own place and now its time to cash in. Cindy said she will b there at 5. That was still 4 hours away. So she goes to the store to get a small dinner for tonight and some things she would need that you want to be new when you get a new house. She cleaned her new apt, had put a few things in their new places, and was trying to get comfortable in her new house.

                   She had the stereo on and was dancing around as she was putting things away she heard a knock on her door, her very first guest! Happily yelling she would be right there she giggles as she runs to open the door. Swinging it open thinking its Cindy finally here to help she sees the guy from the office standing there with a smile no woman in her right mind could resist. She smiles and says hi. Shocked it wasn't Cindy, she said "Oh hey, I don't think we ever did introduce ourselves properly, cause I cant remember your name" Handing her a bottle of wine with ribbon around the neck he said "well I can remedy that right now, my name is Byron." Staring at her smiling she couldn't break the gaze just smiling at him back as she takes the wine.

                     Finally after what seemed to be hours she blinked turned her gaze asking him if he wanted a glass of wine since her help hasn't shown up yet, she had plenty of time. Hoping she would ask he said yes he would love to as he walks toward her placing his hand at the small of her back as she walked. She poured him a glass and he takes it sipping it right away as he takes the bottle of wine to pour her glass. Spilling a little bit of it he hands her the wine glass and she sips it quickly to try not to spill. He watches her drink.

                   She breaks the silence by saying she has tunes and turns up the stereo and has him sit on the couch. He sits down as he asks who was supposed to be here helping. Explaining her friend didn't show who was gonna help her move her bigger things puts a kink in her plans. He laughed asking why. She looked around laughing and said now shes gonna have to sleep on the couch cause she was going to help her move the bed, dresser and all that in.

                      He offered his help, saying he had nothing else to do. Smiling she said he didn't have to she could sleep on the couch for a night or two. He said it would really be ok that he didn't mind getting to know her. Her stomach tightened up and her heart started beating faster. She smiled and said thank you, id love the help, and wouldn't mind getting to know you better too, but not tonight. He said ok smiling at her as he took another drink of his wine.

                      As they drink and talk and drink a little more she realized she's pretty tipsy and could tell he was smiling and laughing at her more and more. She pours the last of the bottle in her glass asking him if he wanted to share it with her. She sips on it handing it to him as she stands up and looses her balance and almost falls back down on the couch  but he pops up to catch her as she falls into his chest. He holds her for a second or two to his chest, his arm around her holding her to him to make sure she had caught her balance. Looking at him as she pulls back their eyes meet and they stare at each other when he decides to lean down and kiss her, tightening his arm behind her scooping her into him even more she melts into his arms and his kiss.

                       He kisses her softly as he sets her back down on the couch kissing her still as he sits beside her sliding as close as he could get to her. He stops and stares at her for a second as she stops to see why he stopped he tucks his hand behind her hair pulling her back into his kiss again. Her heart was beating so loud she swore he had to be able to hear it as she tells herself its ok to just kiss. That's when there was a knock at the door. She pulls away breathing heavy from the kiss she wishes wasn't inturupted she gets up to walk to the door. 

                     Cindy finally made it, 5 hours to late, drunk off her ass she shows up. Bursting her way in falling into the back of the couch she sees him sitting there. She tries to stop fumbling around when she says well now i see why i didn't a call. She struts her way around the couch and sits down next to him and starts talking about the guy at the bar she left to help her. I pointed out that it was supposed to be 4 hours ago and she grabbed her stomach and leaned over and puked on the other cushion of the couch then laid back and passed out.

                Figuring this has to be the strangest thing that's happened while making out i apologized for her and went to find my paper towels to clean it up. Walking over to me he takes my hands in his and pulls me to him and says hes got some cleaner stuff that will take the smell out if i wanted to walk to his apt with him and slowly walked backwards holding me to him towards the door. In the hallway he put his arm around me and kept me close to him till we got the two doors down the hall to his door. He opens it helping me inside and closes it behind us locking it and asking if i wanted more wine.

              She says "sure, couldn't make things any worse right?" Holding her tighter he says there's no way being with you could ever be bad as he kissed her again. Walking her backwards to his sofa he softly sits her down and walks towards the kitchen to get the wine. When he sits back down he hands her a wine glass and starts to fill it asking if she wanted to stay here tonight since the only place she had to sleep had puke and a drunk person on it. Insisting that was too much she told him she couldn't, that she could still sleep there. He kissed her lips softly telling her he'd love to have her in his bed all night, as he kissed his way down her neck.

                 She melted into his kiss just accepting what was about to happen as he took her glass setting it on his table laying her back against the couch to press his body against hers. Softly pressing his lips to her neck was making her hot. She was getting excited and her heartbeat was loud enough he had to be able to hear it. He pulled off her holding out his hand. Taking it she stands up as he leads her to a door at the other end of the room. He walks her inside first, standing her still and leaning past her to turn on a lamp.

                  Taking her hand again he sits down on the bed and she sits down beside him. He leans over slowly staring at her lips as he kisses her. She cant help but let the moment take control and already had his shirt half unbuttoned before she realized what she was doing when he took it off. He had a very nice six pack, amazing pecks...she just ran her hands all over his chest as he laid her down kissing her sliding his hand under her shirt. She couldn't handle it anymore, she knew it was about to happen and she wanted it to NOW. He slid her shirt up showing her stomach kissing and licking and driving her wild sliding his hand all over her breasts. Just then his cell phone goes off and leans up only for a second to stare down at her bare stomach. Flinching she could feel his breath on her stomach as she tried to control herself. Sitting up, she came to her senses and told him she needed to slow down, she got caught up in the moment.

                     He smiled understanding, and leaned forward to her ear and whispers, then you should expect to see me more often as he licks her earlobe. Standing up straightening their clothes she looks at him wondering what hes thinking about her, as she stares at him fixing himself he looks at her and smiles when he sees her already looking. Her mind starts to wonder where this night was gonna take her..



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