Love and Lust

The passion and excitement in the begining of all relationships push this romance in high gear. Knowing the odds they wouldnt last they loved anyway.


2. Giving Into It

          The rest of the night was a lot of flirtatious smiles, catching the other starring, and a very sweet soft long kiss when Cindy woke up and we were ready to lay down. He asked if he can come back later for a dinner date. I of coarse agree and he smiles as he walks backwards out the door.

           I sit and think to myself after he was gone that I really didn't want to stop. I for once, wanted to give in and just go with the feeling and be the wild lover I feel inside. Knowing he wasn't mad at me gave me a second chance, a second chance to make me want to ravage me again. I started thinking of what I could get my hands on to make him go nuts. I jotted a few things down, that I wanted to get for tonight to set the tone.

           I found some candles, and some of my clothes that would make a cute outfit and make up and packed up my bed and moved it while I still had time. I had a little time to set up the bed and get it made and a few more things in the living room to make it more comfortable. I took a shower and got out my sundress that looked so good with my hair up. I got dressed in case he showed up early, and straightened up what little was there and spread out the candles around the room. I was just finishing up with my hair when he rang the bell. I take a deep breath, and go to the door, in hopes this works.

             I open the door to see him standing there with more wine, and flowers and the biggest smile on his face. I smile and ask him inside. He hands me the flowers and we walk into the kitchen to find a glass to put it in, cause I have no vases here yet. He pulls out two more glasses and opens the wine. As he pours my glass he tells me that I looked beautiful and he was very glad that I moved in. I smiled telling him I was happy I moved in as well. We walk to the couch not taking our eyes off each other as we talk and laugh and every once in a while a short kiss. We talk about ex's from out pasts, our high schools, it was so easy to talk and laugh with him. Were getting to the bottom of the bottle when he asks me if I will come back to his place with him. I jokingly ask if he would think bad of me in the morning, leaning into me he whispers he could never think bad of me and cradles my cheeks in his hands as he kisses me. 

               We stand up together and we walk to my door when he puts his arm around me pulling me into him as he walks me to his door. The room is mainly dark till he turns on a small light in the living room and motions me to come sit while he gets things ready. I sit there wondering what hes doing when he walks into his room and closes the door. I look around realizing how strange it feels when he opens the door again and walks over to me offering me his hand and whisks me towards his room.

                Walking inside was like walking into a candle lit romance novel. He had candles spaced all over his room, wine and glasses next to the bed, and the stereo playing soft music that didnt have words. He walks me to his bed, handing me a glass of wine already poured and picks his up as we toast to meeting each other. He never takes his eyes off me as we drink and he is making circles on my shoulder with his finger softly as if hes just trying to touch me somehow. My stomach is starting to flutter, again getting that feeling that its getting close. I can feel him getting closer to me, now kneading my leg as we talk.

               I reassure myself that I want this, that its ok to let go and live for once. Taking a sip of the wine I smile and lean over to him, so close I can feel his breath and pause for a moment, trying not to panic, and lean in and kiss him. Wrapping our arms around each other he kisses back eagerly. Running his hand up my leg under my dress he puts his arms behind me as he lays me against his pillows on the bed and pulls my dress up showing my bare stomach and thong. Kissing his way up my stomach he works his way between my legs kissing me as he pulls my dress off me completely. Laying me back down he licks and kisses and sucks on my overly excited breasts making me whimper from the waves of chills and pleasure spreading through me as he plays.

              Leaning on his elbow above me laying his body on mine, I can feel how excited he was too, he watches my face, and stares at my body as I move, and Im enjoying the excitement. He sits up taking his shirt off saying he wants to feel my skin on his. I lean forward touching his chest, kissing here and there softly as I tease a little with my tongue. He runs his hands through my hair, not worrying about messing it up letting out sighs and moans. He grabs my shoulders squeezes me close to him and looks me in the eye and asks me if this is ok. My heart is beating so fast, my stomach is errupting and my mind is screaming yes. He leans down to me face to face and  with a serious look on his face he said I want you to bad, but if you want to stop, we will, touching my cheek as he talked. With my lips to his I can barely call out the words but I manage to tell him I want him, I want to feel his body on mine. With that he kissed me pulling me so close to him we could feel our heartbeats. Laying me down he kisses me, still watching me and my expressions, as he slides his rod around my secret spot, getting it as wet as I am. With a soft swoop he slides himself inside me so deep I cant help but scream out in pleasure. He squeezes me tighter as he tells me he loves hearing me moan sliding it in a little harder everytime making me moan more. Starring down at me still smiling as our sweaty bodies move as one I try to control my screams, but he lays down on me, nose to nose, looking me in the eyes I tell him hes going to make me cum, my toes curl, my body tightens up, and I arch my back up to his body feeling the overwhelming chills and shakes I hold onto him trying not to scream I groan and call out Byron! He says again he loves hearing me moan as he picks me up and rolls us over so i'm on top and I straddle him. Sliding my wet spot up and down his cock feeling his head tease my clit, I slide him inside me and slide down on him. Feeling him slide deep inside i lean back not believing how amazing this felt I close my eyes and ride his rod as he licks and nibbles on my nipples. Grinding my hips i wrap my arms around his neck and get up on my feet still straddling him and bounce on his cock, feeling his head getting harder and harder as I ride he grabs my hips and holds me down on him and kisses me holding me so close to him, I can feel him inside me throbbing, as he hold me he whispers will you stay the night with me? Rocking softly on him i look at him and with what little wind i had left said will you hold me close all night? He smiles as he moans and said he wouldn't want it any other way and pulls me off him and sits me down and lays over me but between my legs he slides my leg up and his cock inside me pushes his rod as far as he could telling me I feel amazing to him. I whimper and listen as he talks and can feel him swell even more inside me as he tells me hes gonna cum, grabbing me and pushing it in as far as he can he says  come on baby, cum for me, feeling him throb so hard i screamed oh god yes, oh god Byron, im gonna cum, I can hear him telling me oh ya, cum on me. He held me close as we both cam, panting, shaking, we didnt move, he leaned against the headboard with me on him holding me close with his cock inside me, just catching his breath, and rubbing my back. I leaned against his chest, listening to his heartbeat, feeling his touch, enjoying the feeling. He kisses my forehead and plays with my hair and Im thinking I could get used to this.

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