Falling for him

My step brother and his best friend are going to be the death of me.


1. my new family

Hi I'm Gemma Fray. I live in London but not for much longer. Me and my dad are moving to Australia. Because that is were his soon to be wife lives. Ok so you should know some stuff about me. I have never been the popular kid. I don't dress up the the stupid standards that girls set like skirts and high heels. I am obsessed with 5sos, nirvana, Green Day, and Hey violet. I'm 17 I have long light brown hair brown eyes I'm not very tan but I'm not pale. And I'm only 5'3 so you could say I'm short. I just broke up with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago because he cheated on me.

Gemma's pov:

So today is the day we leave and I'm surprisingly happy about it I thought I would be sad but I just want to get away from this place. We got on the plain and I put my earbuds and and blasted 5sos and fell asleep. I woke up to my dad shaking me. He said " we are here." We walked out and i said " dang it's HOT here." My dad said " get used to it." We grabbed a taxi. We pulled up to a huge house. We walked up to the door and there was a post it on the door. My dad grabbed it and said " they are not here yet." So he grabbed his key and opens the door. He said " your room is up stairs and the 2nd door on your right." I walked in to my room and saw a huge bed with black covers and the walls were painted green and a dark purple. There was a bathroom attached and I had a balcony. This was the best room ever. I started unpacking. When I was done I started putting up my posters and I set my guitar down in the corner. I plugged my phone into the speaker and blasted American Idiot by green day. Then my door opens and it was my dad he said " their here come down and meet your step mum and brother." I walked down stairs and saw a blond haired women that I swear I have seen before. My dad said " Gemma this is Liz, Liz this is Gemma." Then I barley got out "L-Liz H-Hemmings?" Then she nodded and I said "DAD why didn't you tell me!" And he said " tell you what?" I whispered " her name Is Liz Hemmings she is Luke Hemmings mom." And he said " I know that." And I said " hello why didn't you tell me that." And he said " ok I'm lost why do you care so much that Liz's son is Luke." Then I said " Have you not seen my posters. Hello I'm obsessed with his band and you didn't even tell me that he was going to be my step brother." Then he said "Oh yea I forgot to mention that." I ran up to my room and started to panic. I called my friend Jennifer. When I called her and told her she freaked. She had to go help her mom do some this so I was just sitting in my until my door opened and I didn't turn around because I thought it was my dad but it wasn't. I heard a voice say " um hi." I turned around and saw Lucas freaking Hemmings. I said " hi Luke I'm Gemma." He said " Nice posters I really like them." And he pointed to one of my 5sos posters and I giggled and said " yeah I really like them to they are amazing" he said " thanks, do you want to meet the rest of the boys they are down stairs playing Fifa?" I said "only if I can play too." And he said " yeah they won't mind."

Luke's pov:

Why the hell does she have to be my soon to be step sister. She is so beautiful and different. She is kinda tomboyish and she dressed like me and let me say my style is HOT on her. We walk down the stairs and I see that all of the boys are staring at her. I started to get jealous so I just broke the silence by saying " guys this is Gemma." I gave them all my best death glare. We sat down and started to play Fifa an talk. She was a lot like us. She was prefect I just wish that she liked me but I think she likes Calum.

Gemma's pov:

We were playing games and having fun until my phone buzzed it was a text from one of my friends saying that my so called 'best friend' was spreading rumors that I left because I was a slut and was prego. And she sent me pic of her kissing my ex. She sent another text and said " hey I'm so sorry I told you all of this through a text but I can't call you right now and I felt like you should know. I stood up and ran to my room and started crying. Somebody knocked on my door and I said " come in" I felt the bed sink next to me and I looked up to see Calum. He said " what's wrong." I told him every thing and he said " I'm so sorry Gem." I said " Gem?" He said " yeah that is my new nickname for you." I smiled and we looked into each others eyes and he kissed me. We kissed for a little before I thought about it and pulled away. I said " Cal I can't I'm not thinking clearly. I'm sorry but I don't want to use you. Your like a brother to me" Cal said " I understand and to tell you the truth I'm not thinking clearly either my girlfriend just broke up with me I'm so sorry. I'm going to head home." I said " Bye Cal." "Bye Gem." I went down stairs and I saw that everyone had left. I walked up to Luke's room and knocked on the door. I oped it and saw Luke lying on the bed. I said " I need someone to talk to." He said " what about Calum?" I said " I would rather talk to you." He turned around and I saw that he had been crying. I walked over to him and said " what's wrong?" And he said " you and Calum." I said " that was a mistake he is more like my best friend who I would never date." Then Luke said " I like you." I said " but Luke your my step brother." Then he said " not yet." I smiled and said " the truth is your my favorite." He smiled and kissed me. It felt right and I never wanted to let go

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