Falling for him

My step brother and his best friend are going to be the death of me.


2. keeping the secret

Gemma's pov:

Ok so I'm in some DEEP crap. I think I'm in love with my step brother. We were cuddled up in his bed asleep. I started to open my eyes and looked up to a sleeping Luke. His eyes opens and he smiled at me and he kissed me. I said " let's go get some breakfast." He nodded his head and we went down stairs and ate. I walked back up to Luke's room and laid down on his bed and started to cry. Luke walked in and he crawled on top of me and was not sitting on me I said "get you far butt of of me Luke." His smile fades and he got off and i said "what's wrong?" He said "I am fat." He was now facing the other way I stood up in my knees and started to kiss his neck and say " you are as thin as a stick and sexy as hell." He turned around and smiled and kissed me. We heard the front door open so we parted and turned on the TV and pretended like nothing happed. Then the boys walked in. They saw that I had been crying and they said " what's wrong?" I said " ask Luke or Cal I can't talk about it." I walked out of the room and into mine when someone walked into my room and said " hey it ok I'm here and I will always be here for you. I think I love you Gemma." I turned around and kissed the boy that was their. I kissed the boy how would soon be my step brother. He deepens the kiss and I fell back onto my bed. We both pulled away and I said " I love you too." We both laid down and cuddled and every few seconds he would rub my thigh because I started to cry agin. My life was a disaster I was cheated on and now I love my step brother. The boys walked in and said " aw is Lukey cuddling with his little sis!" I just sat there and then Calum said " we have to go but we will see you tomorrow." And they all walked out. Me and Luke just put in some movies and fell asleep.

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