Falling for him

My step brother and his best friend are going to be the death of me.


3. I need my brother

Gemma's pov: I woke up in Luke's arm I slowly pulled away and went down stairs. I grabbed a pop tart and ate it. I ran up stairs and into my room. I looked at the box I had bought a few days ago. I grabbed it and went into the bathroom. I read the instructions and did it. I waited for the answer to my question. I looked at it and it was positive. No this can't be happening not to me. I walked in to Luke's room. He looked at me and I said " Luke we need to talk." He nodded his head and I continued "I really like you but we won't work and I need a brother more than anything thing right now." He walked up to me and said "If that is what you want then I will be honored to be you big brother." I smiled a little and hugged him. I let a tear slip. We pulled away and sat on his bed. He said "What is wrong Gemma?" I said "My ex-boyfriend h-he raped me after I broke up with him and now I'm p-pregnant." I started crying. He said "Your pregnant." I nodded and said " I don't know how to tell mum and dad." He hugged me and said "every thing will be ok." I walked into my room and took a shower. I put on my blink 182 shirt and black skinny jeans. I walked down stairs I saw the boys sitting on the couch playing Fifa. Luke looked at me I gave him a weak smile and sat down next to Calum. We watched movies all day. The boys stayed over. Calum and I shared my bed. Luke and Michael shared Luke's room and ash slept on Luke's floor. It was 1 in the morning and Me and Calum were still talking. I was freezing. Calum noticed and pulled me in to his body. I wrapped my arms around his bare chest. I woke up from the sudden urge to barf. I tried to get up but Calum's arms were wrapped around me. I managed to grab the trash can that was by my bed. I started throwing up. Calum woke up and said "Gemma what's wrong." I tried to speak but I just ended up barfing some more." Calum held my hair out of the way and rubbed my back. When I was finally done throwing up I started to cry. Calum got up and left the room. He came back with crackers, ginger ale, a wet washcloth and a thermometer. He wiped my mouth with the wash cloth. I slowly got up and brushed my teeth to get that horrid taste out of my mouth. I sat back on the bed. Calum out the thermometer in my mout. He took it out and said "hmm you don't have a fever maybe you ate something bad." He sat down next to me and handed me the crackers and the ginger ale. I ate the crackers and felt a little better. I started thinking about why I didn't feel good and started crying agin. Calum didn't ask he just pulled me into his lap and rocked me back and forth. My eyelids felt heavy. Before I fell asleep I heard him say one thing. "One day. One day you will be mine." And with that I fell asleep.

A/N AWW!! Ok like help me come up with a ship name for Gemma and Calum.

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