Tales of Endasia: The Beginning of Alexandrea SIlverhart

How did the SIlver Assassin come to be? Alexa's childhood isn't as posh as some might think...
*Cover by Sophia Fletcher*


2. The Queen


The Queen stared down at the heir she produced. The worthless, cowardess, thing, she birthed. 

The girl looked more like the King, her husband, then herself, with long, dark curling hair, and the Silverhart eyes. Electric blue eyes with a ring of silver around the irises. 

It made the Queen sick to look at her. 

    She could keep the girl locked up in a tower, perhaps, and only bring her down when she was of use. But the princess had too many allies in this place, and they would do anything to keep the girl safe, even going as far as to assassinate her, the Queen

The girl looked up, dared to look up at her Queen. What made her think she had earned the right to look upon her Queen. The young princess seemed to sense this, and quickly turned her face down again. 

“Bring in the flowers.” The cold, harsh voice rang throughout the room, causing guards to straighten, and maids to hurry about their business.  The girl seemed to drain of color as one maid scuttled into the room with a basket of flowers, all freshly picked. “Turn them.” The foolish girl looked up again, blue eyes pleading. 

The Queen narrowed her eyes at the princess. “You dare defy your Queen!?” She flicked her wrist, and the girl flew across the room, slamming into a wall opposite. The Queen merely smiled, then flicked her hand again, bringing the crying girl crashing into the basket of flowers. 

Turn them.” She repeated her command.

The girl slowly picked herself up, one of her arms hanging limply at her side. She picked up the flower closest to her, a daisy, and glared at her mother as it slowly turned to silver. 

The Queen smiled.


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