Tales of Endasia: The Beginning of Alexandrea SIlverhart

How did the SIlver Assassin come to be? Alexa's childhood isn't as posh as some might think...
*Cover by Sophia Fletcher*


3. Pain

I return to my room late that night, my back and chest aching from where I was thrown against the wall. I barely make it to my room before I collapsed onto the floor, wheezing from the effort. My breaths are shallow, and I can’t seem to get the air I need into my lungs. I claw at the floor beneath me, why can’t I get enough air?

The door to my room bursts open, and Lady Marina rushes in, followed closely by Lawson. 

“Alexandrea!” She runs to my side, falling to her knees in a puff of skirts. Her expert hands roam quickly, assessing the damage. “Lay on your back, dear.” 

I struggle turning over, calling out in pain as I do. My call brings Lawson to my side, worry etched on his face. 

“Ma, what's wrong with her!?” 

“Hush Lawson.” She looks me over once more before turning back to her son. “Go fetch a Healer. Fast.” Lawson spares me a worried glance before taking off. 

“A few of your ribs are broken, and your spine is most definitely bruised, and I think your arm is dislocated. Could be worse.” 

She must see the fear on my face because she quickly says. “Of course, I’m no Healer, so I could be wrong about everything I just said…” 

“Why--did you--come? How’d--you know I--was hurt?” I gasp out. 

“The maids. They told me what your mother did, and I came as soon as I could.” Worry lines cross her face and I offer a smile, which I’m sure turns out to be a grimace. 

Even though Lady Marina serves as my mother's lady in waiting, she despises her, as do much of the staff in the palace. They would much rather see my father restored to the throne, but he was taken ill on my last birthday, and hasn't been out of his chambers since.

The door is thrown open and a Healer rushes in, Lawson close behind. The woman drops to her knees next to me, her hands roaming and assessing like Lady Marinas hands had. 

“I am terribly sorry, Your Highness, this might hurt.” I manage a small nod, and the Healer places her callused hands on my rib cage, and even though it's feather light, I still feel it and cry out.     

And then nothing. 

The healer looks up at Lady Marina in shock. “It--Its not working! Some other magic is blocking mine!” Lady Marina looks up with horror. 

“The Queen!?” 

The healer shakes her head. “Not strong enough, it must be--"

“Her.” Lady Marina finishes. She looks down at me, cupping my face with her hands. “Sweetie, Alexandrea, you can't be healed because you are blocking the healers magic. You have to let her in.”

“I am! I just--want the pain to go--away!” I feel warm tears falling down my cheeks, but when I try to lift my hand to brush them away, a sharp pain shoots up my arm and I cry out. 

This brings Lawson to my side, and he takes up my hand that is unharmed. 

“Hey, hey Alexa, you can do this. She's going to take away your pain, you just have to let her in. Please, Alexa. Just let her in.” 

“I want--the pain to--go--away!!!” I scream. 

And then it does. 

It starts with a warm tingling in my arm and rib cage then my back. 

And then I can feel, literally feel, the bones and muscle start to knit together again. Its not as painful as some would guess, it actually feels quite pleasant, almost addictive.  

    Suddenly, all the pain is gone, replaced with an overwhelming need to sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

    My eyes start to close, and Lawson squeezes my hand as his mother exclaims. “Alexandrea! Don't fall asleep! Whats happening to her?!”

    I feel hands on me, presumably the Healers, poking and prodding where my injuries once were. 

“They’re healed! Her bones, they’re healed! Your Highness, stay awake, stay awake!”  But even the hand that Lawson has in a death grip on isn't enough to keep the sleep from washing over me, taking me into an oblivion of darkness. 


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