Tales of Endasia: The Beginning of Alexandrea SIlverhart

How did the SIlver Assassin come to be? Alexa's childhood isn't as posh as some might think...
*Cover by Sophia Fletcher*


8. Mission

A few days later, everyone is back in class, eager to begin our next step in training.

I duck my head and make my way to the back of the room, where Lawson is being his usual flirty self and is talking up a couple Half-Breeds. I shake my head and sit on the bench across from him, as his is filled with the two girls.

Bruno walks into the room, silencing all conversations and turning their attention to the front of the training room.

“Congratulations for passing your first test! But don’t get too big headed, because things are about to become real.  We are going to pair you up into teams of two," Murmurs break out throughout the room. "Then you will be given a name, and that person, you will have assassinate.” Gasps break out across the room and kids turn to each other in excitement. “Quiet!” Bruno booms. Everyone immediately obeys and Bruno continues. “If you fail to assassinate your target, it will either lead to your death, or, if you survive and make it back to the nest, you will be sent home. Is this clear? This is a matter of life or death! Your life or theirs!” Bruno pauses to let his words sink in, then continues. “When I call off you and your partner’s name, you will proceed to the armory, there you will take what you need and proceed to the Oak room. There you will get your assigned target. From there, you’re on your own. Questions!?”

I look around as tall, Elf girl raises her hand high in the air, Bruno nods at her, giving her permission to speak.

“Uh, what about money fro supplies? And how will we find are target, will we have a map?”

“No money. No map. Just the name of your victim. Also, this has to be done in two weeks! If you are late by one hour, we will send you home. Any more!?” Everyone looks at one another, exchanging looks of terror, excitement, dread and much more. “Good. I will began calling out names, find your partner and go.” He takes a piece of parchment out of his pocket and begins to read. “Evalyn and Rowling. Aeval and Crion.” l watch as one by one, kids step forward and greet their partner, then head to the armory.  I listen intently for my name, and when it comes, I smirk. “Alexa and Lawson,”

Lawson sends me a grin and we both stand and make our way out of the room.

"What are the odds that we were put together, eh Princess?"

"Tanzy probably did it on purpose." I reply, and Lawson just shrugs.

We enter the armory, floor to wall shelves line the room, filled with every possible weapon imaginable. Armor lines the back wall along with coats, capes and cloaks. “Pick fast, we have to get going.”

I nod and walk over to a shelf of daggers. I finger two long knives, glinting silver in the pixie light. I grab two thigh sheaths and strap them to my legs, a little big, but they will do. I slide the knives in the sheaths and find that they feel right.  I walk to the end of the room where kids, including Lawson are loading themselves with armor. I stop next to Lawson and observe him attach metal forged by dwarves to his arms and legs.

“You will tire soon with all that weight on you.”

He scowls at me. “Alexa, we have to protect ourselves."

​"Yes, but we aren't going to war." I point to some simple Kraken leather. "That will protect you just as good, and its feather light." He gives me a weird look.

"How do you know that?" I shrug, and turn my attention elsewhere.

I scan the clothing and my eyes land on a blood red cloak. Entranced, I walk over to it and slip it off its hook, throwing it over my shoulders. I walk to a mirror and look at the cloak. It falls to my ankles and when I pull up the hood, it completely covers my long dark hair.

“Very inconspicuous.” Lawson says from behind me.

“I like it.” I say definitely.


"I'm keeping it. So you can shut up." I walk out of the room before he can argue more, and follow the steady stream of kids to the Oak room.

The Oak room is a giant room, cement walls reinforced with steel.  It's the first room we saw when we arrived here. The steel door we enter through from the hallway is enhanced with pixie magic, no one can get in or out unless it is opened by an assassin. Or if it's left open, and that’s happened. But it's not like anyone could ever get down here.

No one has ever found the Assassins Nest, and no one ever will.

Across from the door is the trunk of a large white Oak, of course, tree trunks don’t grow 60 feet underground, so they enchanted the trunk long ago, stretching the trunk all the way into the Nest.  We walk up to an instructor and he hands us a piece of paper.

Lawson takes it, reads it, then shoves it towards me, heading to the Oak, where a part of the bark slides back to reveal an elevator.

I look at the two words written in a neat, tight, handwriting.  

Sartorian Nater.  

The person I have to assassinate.

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