Tales of Endasia: The Beginning of Alexandrea SIlverhart

How did the SIlver Assassin come to be? Alexa's childhood isn't as posh as some might think...
*Cover by Sophia Fletcher*


13. Five Years Later

A loud knocking sounds at my door, and I bolt upright in bed, the knife that has always been kept under my pillow in hand. In reality, it probably isn't any one of danger, but its hard to stop habit. 

"Yes?" I call as I slip out of bed, padding silently to the door and pulling it open.  Lawson stands there, fully dressed, with a sheet of paper in his hand.  I sigh. "What do you want, Lawson? Its what, two in the morning?" His lips go up in a smile, but it seems slightly forced. 

"Something like that... Tanzy has a contract for us, he wants us to leave immediately." I frown. We haven't had a contract together since I was ten, four years ago. Since then, I've gotten mostly solo contracts. 

"Really? Who's it for?" 

"I don't know, some clerk in Belfast." I feel my stomach tighten into knots at the mention of my homeland.  

"Lawson,..." I sigh. "Tell Tanzy I decline this one." He shifts on his feet. 

"Alexa,... We don't get a choice with this one. Tanzy was very specific on that." I frown. Tanzy has always given his assassins the choice of accepting and declining the contracts they are presented with, so to not have the choice in this matter puts me off balance. 

I brush past Lawson into the hall. "I'm going to go talk to him." 

"You can't." Lawson says, grabbing my elbow. 

I cock an eyebrow. "And why can't I?" 

He lets go of me and runs a hand through his hair, clearly flustered. "He's not here." Lawson says finally. "He went on a mission of his own, and in order for his to go smoothly, we have to take out this guy in Belfast." 

"Tanzy hasn't taken on a contract of his own in years, why would he start now?" 

"Alexandrea! Why can't you just stop asking questions and do what you're told!?" Lawson explodes. 

"What is the matter with you?" I ask frowning. "You are not acting like yourself, at all, is there something I should know?" 

Lawson sighs through his nose, glaring at me with an emotion I'm not used to seeing from him "Nothing is wrong. I just-... I don't understand why you can't just suck it up and do your job." 

I throw my hands up. "This is not you! Why are you being such a jerk?" 

"I'm not." He snarls. "We leave in 10. Be there." Lawson shoves past me, leaving me in a stunned silence. 

Lawson has never treated me like that before, not ever. And the emotion I saw in his eyes? The...hate he was looking at me with nearly pushed me to tears. He was my best friend, my blood bond, what had changed him in the night that had made him treat me in such a way?

I stop, thinking about the last few months. He had slowly been distancing himself from me, taking different training hours to avoid running into me.  He didn't even sit with me at meals anymore. So it wasn't just something from last night. No, this...anger at me has been building up.

I lean against my door frame. What had I done to make him hate me so? I mean sure, I did put a bucket of worms in his bed, but I was getting him back for the rats he let loose in my room. I smile at the bittersweet memory. Bitter because of the whole fact of rats in your room, but sweet because of the laughs we had afterward. 

Where did that Lawson go? The Lawson that was constantly smiling and joking with me, the one who would console me when I hit rough patches, the one who swore to never leave me...

I push off from the door and grab a bag from my room, determination gripping me tightly. I will find out where my best friend is hiding, and I will mend whatever I have done to make him treat me with such resentment. I swing the bag over my shoulder, grab my sword and daggers, tie my cloak around me, and exit my room, somehow feeling that when I return to it, everything will have changed. 

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