Tales of Endasia: The Beginning of Alexandrea SIlverhart

How did the SIlver Assassin come to be? Alexa's childhood isn't as posh as some might think...
*Cover by Sophia Fletcher*


4. Escape


    I wake in my bed. It takes me a minute to register what happened, and how I ended up here. 

Mother; thrown against the wall; pain. So much pain.  

I sit, and lift up my shirt. No bruise. None at all, not even a mark from where I undoubtedly broken some rib bones. 

 “Alexandrea! You’re awake!” I turn towards Lady Marina’s voice, and find her rushing to me from a chair she must have been sitting in. 

She makes it to my bed and immediately takes my face in her hands. “Are you alright? How do you feel? Do you hurt?” I gently pull my face from her hands and swing my legs over the side of the bed.

“Did the Healer mend my bones?” I ask, ignoring her question.

“Erm.. Well no." She gives me a small smile. "You did.” 

    I stare at her in astonishment. “What!? I--I can't do that! Mother said--”

    “That you could only turn flowers to silver, I know… But I think she was just saying that to hide how much magic you truly possess.” 

    “So--” I fumble over the words running around in my head. “I--I can heal myself?” 

    Lady Marina smiles. “And more.” All I can do is gawk.

I bear more magic than my mother let on! What can I do? 

    “But enough talk about magic, how do you feel?” 

I clear my head, pushing the new discoveries into a corner of my mind. I’ll figure out what else I can do later…

“I feel fine. A little hungry, but fine.” She chuckles as I walk over to my window, the suns already high in the sky. 

“I would think you would be hungry, you slept for almost a day!” I turn to face her. A day? 

“What!? Mother must be furious at me!” The smile that had painted Lady Marina falls the moment I mention my mother. 

“I--yes. Yes, she is quite irritated. I managed to hold her back from storming up here and tearing you apart, but,.. Alexandrea, I don't know how safe it is for you to live here while your mother is on the throne...”

I stare at her. She wasn’t suggesting dethroning the Queen was she? Assassinating her? I swallow, even though I hate my mother, could I really just stand by and watch them kill her? She is still my mother…

“I--” Lady Marina must see the doubt in my eyes because she quickly cuts me off. 

“I am not talking about... Getting rid of her, we don't have enough people on our side to do that and get away with it, no, I’m talking about getting you out of the palace. Sending you somewhere safe until it comes your time to rule.” She rings her hands, doubt and worry etched across her face. 

They would send me away? Where would they keep me? My mother has people at her beck and call, and I have no doubt that she could easily find me. No matter where they put me. 

“There’s no place I could go that she wouldn’t find me…” Lady Marina gives a hesitant smile.   

“I know someone. He would raise you in his… Profession… And teach you everything you need and more to rule. And when you reach the eligible age to claim the throne, he has given his word that he will help you retake your heritage.” 

I take a seat, contemplating her words. Could I really leave? Leave my home, probably my country, My duty to my people? Lawson?...   

“I don't know if I can do that…” She rushes to me and kneels before me. 

“I know you probably feel like you are betraying your people, but trust me when I say you would doing them a favor by leaving now. By protecting yourself until you can rule them… Alexandrea, you must do this. For your people. For all of Belfast. For Endasia.” 

I could do this. I could leave, learn all I need to know, then return and claim my crown. I could do this. I can do this. 

“Okay. I will go.” The smile she gives me is a sad one, almost as if she thinks she’ll never see me again. But she will, I think. I’m coming back. 

“You leave tonight, pack a bag--”

“Already packed!” We both turn towards my doors, where Lawson stands, a bag slung over his shoulder. 

Lady Marina gets to her feet, gliding to her son. “You, are not going with her, young man.” 

“Uh, yes Ma, I am. Alexa’s my Sanguinem Vinculum. She goes nowhere without me, I go nowhere without her.”

    “Lawson, I understand that, but--” 

    “But nothing.” Her son interrupts, and to my astonishment, he growls at her. Actually growls at his mother. “If we are seperated, it will be like ripping out my own heart.” Lady Marina stares at her son, tears in her eyes. And even though I feel that Lawson's behavior to his mother is unacceptable, I couldn't help but agree with him. 

    I couldn't imagine my life without him. 

    I see Lawson soften to his mothers face. “Ma, you know I have to go.” And to my surprise, his mother nods. 

    “You’re right. The Queen could hurt you if she thinks you’re involved with Alexandrea's disappearance.” She wipes under her eyes, composes herself, and turns to me, a smile plastered on her face. 

“You best get to packing, I’ll have a maid bring up some food.” 



         Later that night, when the moon is high in the sky, I swing my small pack over my shoulder and followed the dark form of Lawson into a small servant hallway. We don't talk, just follow the winding corridor down, down, down, until suddenly, we are standing outside. 

I look up at see the looming walls of the Silverhart Castle, my home. Am I really leaving? 

Lawson breaks me out of my trance by saying. “My Ma wants us to meet her at the edge of the Palace forest, near the creek. You are going to ride on my back, since that's the quickest way to get there.” I nod, though he probably can’t see me in this darkness. 

Lawson hands me his pack, and I swing it over my shoulder as he transforms into his wolf form. I sigh as I climb onto his back, grabbing a handful of fur in each hand to hold on. I hate werewolf riding…

We take off, and I can feel each pump of Lawson’s powerful muscles underneath me. He is still quite small for a werewolf, but the power of a full grown wolf flows through his blood. Lady Marina used to tell us stories about his father, one of the biggest and baddest werewolf around, and how Lawson would one day grow up to be just like him.  

I think about that now, as we enter the forest. Did anyone ever say that I would be just like my father? I look through my memories, trying to recall my father's face, but I cant. 

All I can remember is his laugh, a deep, rumbling sound that could shake the Palace.

I was only three when he was struck by a sickness and retired to his room. 

I never saw him again. 

    My mother took up permanent residents on the throne, and threw our country into poverty. The once beautiful and rich country of Belfast turned into a dark and savage one. People fighting each other in the streets, just for a scrap of bread. Children were becoming orphans left and right, and the City of Warriors fell. 

    Completely lost in thought, I don't even noticed we have stopped until Lawson lets out a growl, signaling me to hop off of him. I comply, handing him his pack when he stands before me as man, not beast. 

    “Children! You made it safely?” I turn towards the voice and see Lady Marina emerging from the shadows.  

    Lawson nods. “Yep, no one saw us.”

Lady Marina takes a deep breath. “Thank goodness.” She reaches out and wraps her arms around me, squeezing the breath out of me. She is a werewolf after all. 

A male voice clears his throat and Lady Marina releases me and turns to a man emerging from the shadows. 

“This is Tanzy Whitehorn. He is an old friend, and will take care of you.” I study the man, his greying hair and muscled body, and his warm brown eyes. The color of chocolate.  He gives me a kind smile and bends down to be at eye level with me. 

“So you’re the little princess, eh?” 

I glare at him. How dare he insult me. “I am not little. I am seven.” He laughs, though I can’t imagine why. 

“She has as attitude. I don't know if that's good or bad.” Lady Marina smiles.

“That she does.” The smile falls from her face. “But you must leave now. It’s not safe, they could sound the alarms anytime now.” Tanzy nods and lets out a sharp whistle.  

Out of nowhere, a pack of wolves began pooling around us, taking up posts. 

“Your escorts, My Lady.” Tanzy bows, and I can’t help it, I giggle. 

“Wait, where are we going?” Lawson asks. I’d been wondering the same thing. 

Tanzy gives us a grin. “Have you ever heard of the Assassins Nest?” Lawsons mouth drops open.

“I thought that was just a myth... “

“Nope. And you and the Princess are going to train there, until it is time to return.”

Lawson seems about to burst with excitement. “That is totally wicked.” 

Tanzy smiles. “Yes well, your mother though it would be best to give each of you some fighting experience.” He looks towards the sky, judging the time before saying. “We must go now, say your goodbyes.” 

Lady Marina gives me an embrace, whispering in my ear. “Come back to us.” Before turning to say goodbye to her son. Why wouldn't I come back?  

Lawson gives his mother a peck on the cheek before turning to us, eyes shimmering. 

“Alright, the Princess will ride on me, Lawson, do you think you can keep up with the pack?” 

Lawson squares his shoulders. “Yes, I know I can.” Tanzy smiles, and turns to Lady Marina. 

“I’ll keep them safe, I promise.” 

She nods, tears pouring down her cheeks. “I know you will. Goodbye children, my love goes with you.”   

When I turn back to Tanzy, a large black wolf has taken his spot. I hesitate a moment before climbing onto his back, glancing back at Lady Marina who gives me a small smile. Lawson transforms into his lupus, and takes a stance next to Tanzy. 

The wolf beneath me lets out a howl, the signal to leave. I bend down, clutching Tanzys mane as he takes off in a blinding run, faster then Lawson ever ran with me.  I crane my head around and see the form of Lady Marina, and my home looming up behind her.  

I will come back. I will save my people. I will end the tierney my mother has created. I will return. 


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