Tales of Endasia: The Beginning of Alexandrea SIlverhart

How did the SIlver Assassin come to be? Alexa's childhood isn't as posh as some might think...
*Cover by Sophia Fletcher*


1. Childhood

I laugh, racing through the beautiful garden maze. Soft leaves brush against my face, and squealing faeries fly out of the way as their princess comes rushing around corners.

I hear a snarl, and the sounds of pursuit, four soft pads pounding the ground.

I put on a burst of speed, silently cursing my Sanguinem Vinculum; how dare he cheat. The skirts of my dress whip around legs, constricting them, and slowing me down immensely. I’m about to rip them to shreds, when a body collides with mine, tackling me to the ground.   

“Lawson!” I yell, struggling to push the wolf off me.  “Get off me!” He relents, and I stand as he returns to his normal form, a tan, dark haired court boy.

“You cheated.” I say crossing my arms, staring him down with my fiercest glare.

He gives me a wolfish grin, raking a hand through his already tousled hair. “We never set any rules, Princess.”

    “It was a given, Lawsonette.”  I use his real name, the name his parents gave him when the healer had mistakenly told them they were expecting a girl.  He growls at the name, and I, being the well mannered, well groomed, and well educated princess I am, growl back.

We glare at each other in a silent stand off, only stopping when Lady Marina, Lawson's mother, and my mother's lady in waiting, appears around the corner.   

    “Children!” She says with a smile, which soon falls off her face when she takes in our appearances. “Have you been rolling in dirt?” Her voice is sing-song like, nothing compared to my mother's harsh, reprimanding one.

She walks over to her son with the immortal grace only few possess, and smooths down his messy hair, before turning back to me.

I try to hide my smile as Lawson, with a scowl, runs his hands through it again, messing it right back up.

     “And Alexandrea, you should not behave this way! You have duties to your crown and people! Ones that do not include running around in the garden getting filthy all day.” She tucks one of my long curls over my ear, smiling faintly.

I have always preferred Lady Marina to my own mother, who is cruel and wicked and unworthy to sit on my father's throne.

I’ve heard as much from the court.

Before my thoughts can wander further, one of the guards who had been trailing Lady Marina step up to speak.

“The Queen requests the presents of the Princess.” Lady Marinas smile falters, but she quickly pastes a new one on as she turns to me.

    “Go to your mother, my dear.” I nod, biting my bottom lip. I hate being summoned to my mother's courtroom, where she has a thousand ways of inflicting pain on me.

I slowly follow the guard, looking over my shoulder once to see the worried face of Lawson staring after me. I give him a small smile before rounding a corner, heading towards the Witch of Belfast.

The Queen.




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