Tales of Endasia: The Beginning of Alexandrea SIlverhart

How did the SIlver Assassin come to be? Alexa's childhood isn't as posh as some might think...
*Cover by Sophia Fletcher*


12. Assassin

Lawson gets up and walks outside, going to wait in the alley we decided on.  After a few minutes, I walk over and take to seat next to Sartorian at the bar. He gives me a sidelong glance before turning his full attention on me.

“Well aren’t you a little young to be at a bar, lassy?” I give him a grin.

“My pop always told me you’re never too young for anything.”  

His face breaks out into a huge smile, showing black teeth close to falling out. “Well, in that case,” He gestures to the bartender, who slams a mug full of ale in front of me. “Drink up, my lady!” I take a small sip, grimacing at the bitter taste, before tipping it back and drowning it all, slamming the mug down. Sartorian watches me with appreciation.

“How old are you?”

“Nine. How old are you?” He laughs, a hard, gravely sound.

“Well, I’m near two hundred.”

“Thats old.”

He laughs again. “Yes it is. Whats your name lass?”

“I’m Alexa.”

“Just one name? No last?” I nod. “Well, to each his own. I’m Sartorian Nater.”

“Well Mr. Nater, how ‘bout I buy you a drink?”

He gives me a toothy grin and motions to the bartender, whom I shoo away.

“Not here. I know a better place.” I get up and leave without waiting for his reply.

I hear the sound of a barstool scraping across the ground, and smile when I hear heavy, drunken footsteps following me. I slow my pace and let him catch up to me.

“Its a secret place, so stay quite and follow me.” He gives me a small nod, and I turn into an alleyway. The alley takes us into two more long alleys, before emptying out at the outskirts of town. No one is around except Lawson, who is leaning against the side of a building.

“So, where is this bar?” Sartorian says, looking around.

“Yeah, about that… I lied.” I fein an apologetic look. “Sorry.” He looks from me to Lawson, who has pushed off the wall and started stalking towards us.

“Who are you?” He starts to backup to the alleyway, but finds that Lawson has made his way behind him and is there, blocking his path.

“We are just doing what we were told, Mr. Nater.” I take a step forward, hoping to make a clean, quick kill, but Sartorian has other plans. He starts to the right, and Lawson jumps with claws extended. He catches Nater around the waist, his nails sinking into flesh. Sartorian cries out, but manages to shake Lawson off. He continues to run, but I pull out one of my daggers. I throw it, relying on instincts I didn't know I had. To my great surprise, it lands a killing blow to his back, and he falls to the ground with grunt. Lawson looks at me with wide eyes.

“Where’d you learn that!?”

“I don't know. It just kinda happened.” He shakes his head slightly, as if to clear a fog.

“Well, you've definitely improved in your fighting skills!” I shrug and go to retrive my dagger. When I pull it out, the crimson liquid drips off the blade in lazy drops.  With nothing else to clean it on, I take my cloak and wipe the blood on it.

I look up and meet Lawson's eyes, wide and, do I see fear? Is he afraid of me? Is my best friend afraid of me? But in a second, the emotion is gone, and I’m left to wonder.

"What do we do with the body?" I say, gazing down at the corpse. I thought I would feel something making my first kill. Disgust, remorse, nausea. But I feel nothing. Not even a shred of emotion. The blood still seeping out of Sartorian Nater doesn't even trigger my gag reflex. 

"I don't know. Just leave it here? There's nothing we can really do." I nod pulling my attention from the body. “ But we do need to get back to the Nest.”

"Yeah, I just feel like we should leave something." Lawson smirks.

"What, like a calling card?"

I shrug. "Something like that... Hey, do you have a flower left?" Lawson pulls off his pack and rifles through it before tossing me a silver flower. I walk over to Sartorian and place the flower on his back.

"There, I feel like I've, I don't know payed my respects?" Lawson laughs.

"Yeah, okay princess. Whatever you-" He stops mid sentence, cocking his head in the direction of the alleyway. “People are coming, we need to leave. Now.” He transforms into his lupus form, and I climb onto his back. We take off right as people burst through the alleyway. I don't dare look back as I hear yells and the sounds of pursuit, but trust Lawson to get us out of here.  

He delivers.

Hours and one Arch jump later, we arrive in the Forest of Thieves. We wander the forest for hours, never finding the giant oak that we exited, upon the beginning of our journey.  Lawson eventually turns back into human form, and we walk side by side through the ever darkening forest.  

“Its weird, I feel like the forest is alive. Every time I think I see the oak, or something familiar, the forest darkens around the spot I was looking at.” I look around and notice that Lawson is right. Whenever I focus on a spot, it darkens and I can't see it anymore.

“Must be some spell to protect the Nest. I think we have to figure a way to outsmart it, or find some loophole.” He nods, looking around the forest in concentration. I do the same, only to receive a strong headache. I press my fingers to my temples with a soft groan.

“Whats wrong?” I hear worry in Lawson's voice.   

“Nothing, just a small headache.”

“Doesn't look small. How ‘bout you sit and rest for a sec?”  Too weak to protest, I let him help me sit against a tree, closing my eyes.

And thats when it hits me. A slight tug to my right, almost as if the wind was trying to pull me a certain way.

I open my eyes, and am hit with the same pulsing pain beneath my temples. I close my eyes again and feel the pain release. I stand, despite protests from Lawson. I shush him, and stand still for a moment, trying to find the pull again.

After a couple of seconds it returns, and I let it lead me, eyes closed, never faltering. I hear Lawson behind me, making noises of protest once again.

After a few minutes, the tugging abruptly stops. I open my eyes and brace for the pain, but it doesn't come. Instead I stare up at the tall, white oak.  

“It was five minutes away this whole time!?” Lawson exclaims, clearly frustrated. “Five minutes?!

I turn and smile. “At least we’re here!”

He gives me an exasperated look. “Well thats great, princess, but unless you can figure out where the secret button is, we can't get in."

“Help me search you buffoon.” He growls, but starts to feel around the top part of the trunk, while I search the bottom. After a moment, I hear a very faint click, and look to see a part of the bark sliding away to reveal the ‘bigger on the inside’ elevator.       

“Where’d you find it?”  I ask Lawson, who to my surprise, falls into a crouch.

“Get on.”

“Uh, why?” He rolls his eyes.

“Because, Alexa, you’re too short to reach it.” I scowl and climb onto his shoulders. He stands and points to a normal looking barky knob on the tree.  I press it, and the door slides shut, I press the knob again, and the same thing happens, only in reverse. Lawson lets me down and we climb into the elevator.

“We should get you a portable stool.” He laughs, and I punch him in the arm. "Hey! it might be useful!" He says cackling. The doors open into the circle room, and to my surprise, Tanzy sits in a chair, lazily watching us.

“Welcome back. You will be happy to know that you are the first pair to arrive back, and the fastest pair we’ve had in a long time.” He pauses, studying our dirty, travel worn clothes. “I would ask if you had completed your assignment, but I already know you did.” I shoot a confused look at Lawson before turning to Tanzy.


“Word travels fast. They are calling you 'The Silver Assassin', and have a bounty out for you two.”

Lawson raises an eyebrow. “How much is the bounty?”

“50 gold pieces.” Lawson lets out a soft whistle.

“For that much, I might as well turn myself in.” Tanzy shakes his head, humor in his eyes.

“That is not necessary, Lawson.  The Nest has more money then you could ever need.” Lawson looks like he wants to say something, but Tanzy continues before he can. “Since you two are the first pair back, you get the privilege of the best prize.” He gets up from the chair in a graceful sweep, and walks out one of the three hallways branching from the circle room. Taking this as a cue, Lawson and I follow him through the hallway, which seems to branch off every which way.  

At last, we come to a hallway full of metal doors, where Tanzy stops.

“You have graduated from your training rooms, and have earned a permanent room here at the Nest. You may pick your rooms.” Lawson takes off down the hallway, opening doors at random, peering inside, then closing them once more.   

“They’re all the same, why are you letting us choose?”

Tanzy just smiles in response. I give him a confused look before opening two doors myself. Sure enough, both rooms are the standard assassins room.  What does that old man have up his sleeve? I walk to the end of the hall and open the last door.  I look inside and see nothing special, just an ordinary room.

“I’ll take this one, Tanzy.”

Lawson looks over. “Then I’ll take the one next to yours.”

Tanzy nods at both of us. “Excellent choices.  You both might want to rest. I will have dinner delivered to you.” He turns to go, but Lawson calls out.

“Hey, um. Don't we get a prize or something?”

“They are in your rooms. But you might need to find them. Remember, you are now Assassins, so use your knowledge well.” He gives us one more smile before turning and exiting the hall.

Lawson looks after him for a moment before turning to me with a wolfish grin. “Time to turn my room upside down!” He disappears into his room, leaving me smiling behind him.

I turn to my own room and shut the thick metal door. All I can think of is sleep. Sleep, sleep and more sleep.

I take off the cloak and throw it to the ground. I’m going to need to wash it tomorrow. I undo the belt that holds my thigh sheaths up and hang them upon the weapon rack, throwing the pack up with them. I'm about to climb into bed when I notice something in the far wall, directly across from the door.

What the heck is that? I walk closer to that wall, and sure enough, something's different. There's a tiny button, only slightly raised from the rest of the wall. To anyone else, it would just look like a bump in the wall, but assassins like perfection. And they would not let this room be used if it was not perfect.

I reach up and press on the bump, and sure enough, it gives to the pressure. I step back as a part of the wall opens, revealing a,... tree trunk?

I stare at it in confusion. Why would there be a tree trunk hidden in my room? Then a thought dawns on me. I step closer and start to run my hands all over the trunk. Finally I find a knot that pushes in. I press it and the bark skids open, revealing a smaller version of the elevator in the circle room.

I stare at it in wonder. I have a secret entrance into and out of my room. How sweet is that!  I step into the elevator and ride it up, when it opens, I look outside. I don't recognize anything.  Oh well, you can explore later.

I return to my room and collapse onto my bed, my mind drifting to Tanzys words.  You are now assassins.

I’m an assassin now.  

I’m an Assassin.

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