Tales of Endasia: The Beginning of Alexandrea SIlverhart

How did the SIlver Assassin come to be? Alexa's childhood isn't as posh as some might think...
*Cover by Sophia Fletcher*


6. Alarms

Beeeeep, Beeeeep, Beeeeep

I shoot up from bed, getting tangled in the heap of blankets.

The alarm. Why is it going off? It's only supposed to go off when someone breaks into the Nest. Fear slices through me. Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no. I'm not ready for this! Is this the day I finally die? Will this be it from me?

I push the traitorous thoughts out of my mind as I jump up and run to my door, throwing it open to reveal a hallway flashing with red lights. Kids run down the hallway, weapons in hand. I don't have a weapon, I panic. Should I go out there, or stay in my room? 

​I decide I don't wan to be a sitting duck and step out of my room to follow the flow of kids into the wreck room, a long rectangular room, that is usually full of bright lights, couches, and a mini bar.

But not tonight.

Tonight, it is filled with figures dressed head to toe in black, and the assassins in training all around fighting them.

Before I can process it all, a large figure, clad in black, comes lumbering towards me, a long sword held in its hand. I'm sure my eyes go wide as saucers, and when he swings it at me, I accept my fate. 


Except, suddenly, I'm in a roll and ducking under the sword arch, missing it by mere inches. If I would have been just a little bit taller, like I always wished, I would have been a goner.

But I can't bask in my accomplishment yet, the attacker swings again, and instead of running away him, I run to him, as crazy as that sounds.

This surprises the creature and he falters a moment. When I'm about to run into him I make a sharp left and snatch a dagger strapped to his thigh. I then run around him, using my small frame to my advantage now.

I duck and roll, slip and side, waiting for a shot of my own. Just throw the rutting knife, stupid! I listen to myself and let the knife fly.

Straight into the beast's heart.  

Did I really just do that!? Me!?

All of a sudden, the lights return to normal and the alarm stops, and to my horror, the black clad bodies all around start to get up. My panic returns and I drop the knife like it's burning medal.

What kind of witchcraft is this? All around me, most of the other kids are holding their weapons at the ready, not even fazed.

But not me, I'm shaking, looking up at the monster like a kitten against a Wolf.

And it turns out it is a wolf I'm facing.

The creature takes off its hood, and before me stands-,

"Bruno!?" The werewolf gives me a large, toothy grin.

"Alexa! I didn't know you were that good! Amazing really, for a newbie!" My instructor replies, his booming voice carries throughout the room, and I notice that all the other black clad monsters have taken off their masks to reveal their true identities; our instructors and other assassins in the Nest.

“What- why?” My confusion giving way to anger. How could they do this to us? To me? Just then I see Tanzy making his way towards the center of the room. I glare at him, but he doesn't look my way, though I continue to burn a hole into his back.

“Assassins! Children! Gather round!" The head assassin pauses to let his command be carried out. "I’m sure most of you are all very confused, and some of you might be angry,” His gaze finds mine in the crowd, and he shoots me an apologetic look. Not accepted. “But this was a test that all but a few of you passed!” My heart drops.

I didn't pass.

I know it by the feeling in my stomach, the unending despair churning my insides into mush.

What are they going to do to me? Send me back home? No, I’ll run away before I ever go back there. “For those of you who didn't pass, please pack your bags, we will be sending you home tonight. And remember, if you so much as breathe a word of The Nest to anyone, we will find you." His face hardens into the assassin, and a few kids take a step back, earning them a shove from the person behind them. "For those of you who passed, congratulations! There is a feast for you in the training room! Enjoy!”



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