Tales of Endasia: The Beginning of Alexandrea SIlverhart

How did the SIlver Assassin come to be? Alexa's childhood isn't as posh as some might think...
*Cover by Sophia Fletcher*


5. A New Home

I take a deep breath as I dance in a circle with my sparring partner, a tan, dark haired werewolf boy. He snarls, bearing stark white teeth that I’m momentarily distracted by.

That moment costs me.

He lunges at me, forcing me to dive to the right at the last second. But I’m to slow for his werewolf speed.

He hooks me around my waist and slams me onto my side. Pain slices through me as the air gets knocked out of me. I lay there, gasping for air when I hear a slow clapping.

"Well done, Lawson." Tanzy walks over and helps me to my feet, giving me a disappointed look. "Alexa, you barely even tried.” He sighs. “You’re done training for today." I nod, lowering my head. As much I want to protest, I know I’m to exhausted to try anymore.

I've been here three years, and I'm still the worst fighter here. I mean, I'm an Achilles, for crying out loud! I was born to be a fighter, and yet I suck at it.  I disappoint Tanzy every time I step off of the training mat, and I don't know how to fix that. I learn the moves, memorize the stances, fight my hardest, but nothing works. I'll never be the assassin he hopes I'll be. I guess I was born to be a Princess, and nothing else.

I scowl at the thought. Lately, I’ve been feeling a strange sense of freedom being away from the Palace, and… I don't know if I want to go back...

“Alexandrea! Alexa!” I turn and see Lawson jogging after me. “Hey, I hope I didn't hurt you to bad."

I roll my eyes."Like you ever feel remorseful after we spar.”

He smirks. “Not true.” I give him a pointed look. “Okay fine, but you would be the same way if you beat me.”

I scoff. “I couldn't hurt you if I threw stones.” He laughs, and swings his arm around me.

“Stop sulking, Princess, you’ll get the hang of it.” I give Lawson a small smile, silently thanking him with my eyes.
As we walk back to my room, I lift his hand and trace the tattoo that decorates his wrist, a thick, black circle with a long, bold line running through it. The same tattoo is mirrored on my own wrist.

When we were six, we both took the Sanguinem Vinculum vow to each other, then sealed the blood bond by tattooing  our wrists. Our blood was mixed into the ink and an enchantment was placed in it.  If one of us were to betray the other, the enchantment would inflict a punishment on that person, the punishment different for each person.  From that moment on, we became inseparable, our tattoos binding us. 

If Lawson died, a part of me would die with him.

“What are you thinking ‘bout?”

“Nothing.” Lawson obviously knows I'm lying, but he doesn't press me. We stop at the end of the hall, turning to the last door, I pull out from under his arm. “I’ll see you later.”


“No, not hungry.” He gives me a disapproving look, but shrugs.

“Fine. More for me.” He turns to leave, but stops. “Alexa,... I know you might not think this, but I can see you are a fighter. I know you have it in you, you just have to let it out. You are an Achilles after all, born to fight.” He takes off down the hall before I can reply.

I sigh and open the door to my bedroom, a small, whitewashed room. My bed rests in one corner, with a dresser and weapons rack on the other, and shelves cut into the wall above the bed.  I barely have any personal items, just a few pairs of clothes, so the room is bare.

Unfortunately, that gives me more excuses to think about my mother. 

After I left the Palace, Tanzy took Lawson and I to the Forest of Thieves in Aether, where the Assassins Nest was. It was a long trip, and once my mother found I was missing, she sent every solider and bounty hunter after me. She even put out an award for me safely returned. She only wanted me safely returned so she could do all the maiming and torturing herself.

But we arrived in Aether without running into anyone who was hunting me. I had expected to find a huge building, or maybe a treehouse, but nothing could have prepared me when Tanzy stopped in front of a large white oak. It was easily the tallest tree in the forest, and nearly as wide as a Giant.  Tanzy told us that a certain knot on the tree opened a door hidden in the tree, and Lawson and I both stared jaw slack as he demonstrated it for us. Part of the bark slid away to reveal the hollowed out trunk.  Lawson, Tanzy and I all piled in, and the bark slid shut, sealing us in. The floor beneath us began to move downward, and after several minutes, it opened up into a large circular room.  Tanzy had stepped out and welcomed us to our new home, and the next day, we were training to become assassins... 

 My thoughts turn fuzzy as exhaustion takes over, and I walk over and collapse onto the hard bed, nothing compared to the soft feather down at the palace. But I find that I prefer the hard bed here, where I am safe and,... and happy. I’m happy here.

The realization hits me like a bullet. And the sleep is wiped from my mind. I can’t remember ever once being happy at the palace. I mean sure, Lawson and Lady Marina made me happy, but I wasn't happy.  

Maybe this is where i'm meant to be...

A knock at the door startles me, and I sit up, thinking Lawson has returned I call. "Come in." 

To my surprise its not Lawson that enters my room, but Tanzy.  I stand from my bed as he shuts the door behind him, giving me a warm smile. 

"Hello Alexandrea." 

Tanzy is the only one, besides Lawson at times, that uses my full name, instead of the shortened version I adopted when I arrived at the Nest. "Hey. About today-" I start to apologize, but Tanzy cuts me off.

"We will just have to work harder, you'll get it."

I sit down on the bed and whisper the thought that had been plaguing me since I began fighting.  "I’m not made to be an assassin.”

Tanzy’s face softens. “Yes, you are. I could see it from the day I took you. You have something special, something I’ve never seen in anyone else before.” He sighs and gets to his knees, looking me in the eyes. “Alexa, you just have to put your mind to it, drown out everyone else, only think of yourself and the task you have been given. Your natural fighting skills will come to you without thinking.” He gives me a long look before standing. "I have to go. I'll see you bright and early in the training room tomorrow." And with that he leaves, letting me play around with the words he just spoke. 

I lay back down on the bed, fully ready for sleep to overtake me and the words tumbling around inside my head. My eyes become heavy with exhaustion and I close them, falling into an oblivion of darkness.


I wake to loud alarm bells ringing, and those bells can only mean one thing.

The Assassins Nest is under attack.





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