One song

Emma Barkland is your average Sydney girl. One assembly a school band starts playing. Has Emma found something amazing?


2. Chapter 2: Band Practice

Emma's P.O.V

I live opposite the road to Calum Hood, Luke's band mate. That meant that I saw him when he came over to Calum's house. They always practiced in Calum's garage so I would see him nearly every day.

After thinking about what Erin said, I think Luke does like Mackenzie, she's been throwing herself at him all week at school.

I walked downstairs in my blink-182 tank and some black skinny jeans and my black vans. I slipped a beanie on and grabbed my bag before I left the house for work.

I work in a music shop where they sell records and some really cool things. I only work there on weekends and after school sometimes.

I walked out the house and saw Calum across the road. Were quite good friends but were not best friends or anything.

"Hey Emma!" Calum called. "Hey Cal, watcha doing?" I asked him. "I'm just setting up for practice later." He replied. Practice. Luke. "Where are you going?" He asked me. "I'm just off to work." I looked down and noticed a piece of dirt on my shoe. "Hey well when you get off work how about you come over and watch us practice?" Calum asked me. "Uhm sure yeah that'll be cool." I replied cooly, well at least I hoped it was. "Okay see you then." Calum shouted as I started walking off. "See ya!" I replied and went straight to work.

Luke's POV

I drove to Calum's house and pulled up on his driveway. I got out the car in my sweats, I normally wore them and a band tee to practice, no one was watching us anyway. I opened the back door of my car and pulled out my guitar case and an amp. We all brought some amps and stuff just in case something happened to the others.

"Hey Luke!" Cal said walking out of the garage. "Hey Cal." I replied. We started walking up to his garage. "You'll never guess who I got to come watch us practice. "Who?" I asked probably his mum. "Emma Barkland." Shit. "Wait what the fuck. Calum hold this." I handed Calum my guitar and amp and ran to my car. I got in and drove straight back to my house to put on some jeans and sort out my hair.

About 10 minutes later I got back in the car and drove back to Calum's. By then Michael and Ashton were already setting up. "Hey where'd you go?" Calum asked me. "I got changed." I said. "Why?" He asked. "I-" I was cut off by Michael. "Because lukey pooky has a crushy wushy." He said dancing around. I blushed and headed straight to the garage. "Hold on, Luke has a crush on Emma?" Ashton called out from the back. "It doesn't matter." I looked down and set up my guitar. "That's who try hard is about." Calum said. "Uh-yeah." I replied.

We practiced some songs. And then I heard a car pull up. "How do I look guys, okay?" I asked them and they all started laughing. "Hey what you guys laughing at?" Emma walked in and smiled. "Luke-" Michael started but I cut him off. "Uhm nothing." I replied and sat down on the chair. "Oookay." Emma at down on the sofa next to me.

I looked at her and saw her smiling at something Michael had said. I wish she smiled like that at me. "Okay guys let's do some more." Michael said and we all got up. "Ooh do the one you did in assembly I really like that one!" Emma suggested happily.

We played her try hard and she clapped at the end. "Who is that about? My friend thought it was about Mackenzie." She frowned as she looked down. "Uhm it doesn't matter." I blushed as she stood up. "Oh okay, I was just wondering." She replied. "Uh well I guess I'll see you guys around school. Bye" she waved as she walked across the street and into her house.

I saw her walk into her room and lie down onto her bed and wiped away a tear. Why was she upset? I hated seeing her upset.

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